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Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Sep 8 2018

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Clues Answers
1970s fad item PETROCK
Binary digit ONE
Church areas APSES
Commandments verb SHALT
Common verb ARE
Compass dir ENE
Court do-over NETBALL
Fight memento SCAR
Film set on Pandora AVATAR
Film units REELS
Flat-nosed dogs PEKES
Gear part COG
Great Lakes tribe ERIES
Hang in the air HOVER
Honcho BOSS
Honey bunch SWARM
Husband of Pocahontas ROLFE
Improvised contrivance LASHUP
Jail units CELLS
Leaves alone LETSLIE
Like many rescues HEROIC
Lombardy city MILAN
Loose overcoat ULSTER
Men’s store buy TIE
Mend one’s ways REPENT
Oxford, for one SHOE
Parachute pull CORD
Refinery rocks ORES
Sentiment for an ailing friend GETWELL
Singer Burl IVES
Some kin UNCLES
Spiny plant AGAVE
Spots SEES
Steak choice RARE
Suit pieces VESTS
Surf wear WETSUIT
Sweatshirt type HOODIE
Tip over UPEND
Trick RUSE
Tureen accessory LADLE
Upbraid REVILE
Verdi opera OTELLO
Way off FAR
Whole lot SLEW
Zoo sights CAGES