Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Sep 8 2022 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
“For sure!” YES
African nation SUDAN
Blow away AMAZE
City on the Mohawk River UTICA
City on the Rio Grande LAREDO
Commotion ADO
Contrived PAT
Coral island CAY
Crude abode HUT
Down Under bird EMU
Endures LASTS
Foster of film JODIE
Galloped RAN
Game spot ARENA
Government income TAXES
Group of top players ATEAM
Harden SET
Intended MEANT
Irritable TESTY
Like humans BIPEDAL
Links org PGA
Manx, e.g CAT
Merchant of music NATALIE
Musical note SOL
Old letter opener DEARSIR
Peeved and showing it HUFFY
Perfect place UTOPIA
Phone sounds DIALTONES
Plow pullers OXEN
Poll numbers DATA
Pooch pest FLEA
Practical UTILE
Print units EMS
Prologue LEADIN
Royal address SIRE
Rust, for one OXIDE
Salt Lake City player UTE
Service reward TIP
Sheltered side LEE
Singer Nick JONAS
Skin woe ACNE
Some sculptures NUDES
Take it easy LAZE
Take it easy RELAX
They’re found among needles PINECONES
Tiny taste NIP
Total SUM
Train stop DEPOT
Twist, e.g DANCE
Young fellow LAD

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