The Times – Cryptic – March 1 2018

The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1038

Clues Answers
A trial — faulty lasso LARIAT
Animal talk YAK
Barrel-maker in company work, retro, off and on COOPER
Be enthusiastic about account, one saying little about island ACCLAIM
Beastly home in West Yorkshire STY
By sea, kiln for drying in California COASTAL
Central European with job — good place to start pole position
Colour that is not trendy at first TINT
Done, and fast, extremely skilful DEFT
Finish repair work Monsieur’s left ENDING
Foster often wrong, grabbing maiden FOMENT
Go in advance of gym class, crossing playground with journalist PRECEDE
Clues Answers
He makes long journey finally short — about kilometre forward and back? TREKKER
Identity assumed for men, woman and me stage name
Insensitive Charlie, right fool! CRASS
Lively good popular gallery, all going GINGERY
Long twelvemonth at end of campaign YEARN
Metro ride chap arranged to see Paris monument arc de triomphe
Newly evidenced, paid? This at conflict’s end? peace dividend
Pungency of a new drink girl imbibes TANGINESS
Son nervous describing grasses SEDGY
Soothing word with the head of News, immediately there and then
Vain attempt you keep hidden EMPTY
Worrier fired up seeing initially awkward situation FUSSPOT

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