The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 26974 Mar 1 2018

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 26974

Clues Answers
Author’s predicament, having to keep wife in Scottish town PLAYWRIGHT
Check track, one going out for two miles east TRAMMEL
Commander keeping order and making folk laugh? COMIC
Country match, not the first outside city area GREECE
Degeneration of a younger wife? ATROPHY
Dull expert, speaker finally restricted DRAB
English difficulty about good person forced to leave? EMIGRE
Fighting group runs volunteers: favoured, assuredly for certain
Goat in the French church LECH
Hesitation about pretty covering is necessary REQUISITE
Love being in that place with head of maths — learning this? THEOREM
Material this person’s buried under hideaway DENIM
More unhappy maiden covered in dirt (introduction to rugby) GRIMMER
Oliver starts to experience regret as a crook? TWISTER
Pages kept in step, creating a dotty effect STIPPLE
Quick swim by jetty is less sensible DIPPIER
Clues Answers
Rejected, but shone once more? REBUFFED
Reversals of policy quietly being introduced to bring improvements UPTURNS
Rope perhaps in notorious place of execution? TOWER
Rotten tree woman stumbles over worm-eaten
Said to ‘esitate when meeting danger signal AVERRED
Society weighed down by additional customs MORES
Start to read crime novelist, one with discursive style? RAMBLER
Strip game bishop should abstain from RIDGE
Surveyor’s instrument repositioned in the hollowed out elm tree TELEMETER
That peculiar strain leading to sporting success hat trick
Use of many words, see, as with large community LOQUACITY
Very hot in April and Oct. unusually TROPICAL
Vessels in lake — skill’s needed to go round it ARTERIES
Winner not needing soldiers after end of battle to turn out EVICT
Woman feels spite, regularly put off ELSIE
You may get upset about cricket side, producing a lamentation ELEGY

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