The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 26975 Mar 2 2018

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 26975

Clues Answers
Africans, a Welshman, and some Scots? ivorians
Article female related unaltered as is
Attack pacifist leading appeal for peace COSH
Benefit that people must carry over MAIDEN
Bloomer as drug agent sends out missing drug NARCISSUS
Daughter, passionate, celebrated nude DAVID
Declined to pot, for example, first and second reds LEFTISTS
Desperate option many tars ponder ultimately? any port in a storm
Even pieces of carpet I lay so as to fit APTLY
Fall for American, not half: love his car! AUTO
Finally blow into warm club providing cosy environment WOMB
Fish from tin, roughly prepared sandwiches red snapper
Fur coat owner’s embarrassed admission? ERMINE
Have a go at someone’s short cut SNIP
He’d put out east from the Caymans, somehow? YACHTSMAN
Clues Answers
Lockkeeper to become a leading musician? HEADBAND
Noisy pigeon set about quiet old Hollywood actor COOPER
Nothing, within reason, eclipsing first of these, apparently OSTENSIBLY
Old peasant to rear woodland creature HIND
One expecting the right to wear second medal mother-to-be
Opposed to golf, on balance, being arranged again restaging
Pack up stuff for temporary abode crash pad
Promise fair puzzle word-square
Ran slowly in what’s deceptive light TRICKLED
Refusal to lift tax for working on duty
Starter of duck becoming duck and egg OVOID
Stuff essential for giving or getting GORGE
They need walk-on parts for their sketches pavement artists
This could be M’s part? Yes SPYMASTER
Time to stop a curiously old-fashioned etching technique AQUATINT

The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 1039

Clues Answers
Adore getting hold of a good herb LOVAGE
Army officers moved quickly leaving retail outlet general store
At sea in a launch AFLOAT
Be absorbed in thought about island’s waste MISUSE
Beams, having last of bread-and-butter pudding RAFTERS
Character left in support FLAVOUR
Cold and unemotional type in charge, diver recalled ICEBERG
Complete circuit, or segment? ORBIT
Courage of owner finally entering flat that’s been turned over NERVE
Determined to attack set upon
Gift: story together with religious books TALENT
Grass box breaking toe badly ESPARTO
Clues Answers
How farmer let off weapon flame-thrower
Irish being buried in vault abroad is unreal VIRTUAL
Money drawn in by rake, as standard procedure ROUTINE
Powerful drug: one taken with expression of doubt after operation OPIUM
Prognosis Meg put about, being spreader of rumours GOSSIPMONGER
Ringleader taking in very English sleuth INVESTIGATOR
Rotter’s rotten gag about a deb coming out a bad egg
Shot below joint ELBOW
Sound coming from piano is extraordinary NOISE
Strong second row STIFF
Trunk and tangled roots TORSO
Unacceptable idea I dismissed not on

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