The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 26977 March 5 2018

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 26977  
Clues Answers
A lot of artillery being used to sack country FIREPOWER
A lot of fruit and some veg PEA
A seven days period of conflict with daughter being difficult AWKWARD
Able follower once — one generating turnover, perhaps BAKER
Advocate of support unit not being left empty PROPONENT
Australia has a certain invigorating air OZONE
Bent half of a German sausage KNACK
Control what teacher does in time off work RESTRAINT
Crew works to get in position MANOEUVRE
Current breaking up fish grounds BASIS
Cut cabbage the nation over for rich peasant KULAK
Decline to discourage start of Irish pontificate DETERIORATE
First piece of writing, one I found in Latin needing going over INITIAL
Flirts regularly — that’s socially acceptable FIT
Frost, perhaps, recited poem RHYME
In the event, photo needs something done on greens shot-putting
Indignant sons joined forces steamed up
Instrument Vince plays with three learners and old, old, Oscar VIOLONCELLO
Most appropriate deposit just south of the Thames in London? right-bank
Old city contains lines with key mode of transport TROLLEY
Old magistrate always backed imprisoning English REEVE
One who cries half-heartedly without having a drink SOBER
Reduced cost of travel over large distances FAR
Reminder of reported nickname of Prague piano virtuoso? CHECKLIST
Repent a plot involving corrupt team member rotten apple
Revolutionary is outside fomenting unrest SEDITIOUS
Rich not working after Spring? well-off
Sales pitch about a new breed of dog SPANIEL
Serious musical ability — something birds build up EARNEST
Short cut to get fuel GAS
Soul singer needing backing for a title BARONET
Thickened water ice using egg in a mixture of agar GRANITA

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