Universal – Apr 1 2018

Clues Answers
“… not ___ mouse” EVENA
“Didn’t” kin HADNT
“O Tannenbaum” season YULE
“Stop” starter NON
A neutralizer ALKALI
Added total SUM
Alpine vocalist YODELER
Arab VIP (var.) EMEER
Arabian Peninsula bottom OMAN
As one big body ENMASSE
Bean variety CACAO
Bedtime story word UPON
Bend out of shape WARP
Big name in chicken PERDUE
Boxing milieu ARENA
Bread-in-gravy action SOP
Cathedral display ICON
Cause to accept INURE
Chore TASK
Comforting thoughts SOLACES
Do more than hum SING
Dollar, elsewhere EURO
Eve’s boy ABEL
Extinct bird DODO
Face-to-face word surrounding “a” VIS
Filled an empty magazine RELOADED
Fish in a brook TROUT
Grasshopper variety KATYDID
Grayish brown TAUPE
Great camping site LAKESIDE
Hard to hear FAINT
Heavy weight TON
Highest Spanish single-digit NUEVE
Historic time period ERA
Image maker TVSET
Impossible poker hand FIVEOFAKIND
Jackie’s husband No. 2 ARI
Largest city of Senegal DAKAR
Clues Answers
Lecherous mythical creature SATYR
Major ski resort ASPEN
Mascara target LASH
Military hats KEPIS
Mind another’s business PRY
Miss an easy one ERR
Mom’s mate DAD
Opera showstopper ARIA
Penultimate Greek letter PSI
Performs DOES
Piedmont city ASTI
Place for a lion DEN
Places for stained-glass windows APSES
Pre-festival time EVE
Proof of ownership DEED
Rip or rupture REND
Sci-fi’s ___-Wan OBI
Seasoned rice dish PILAF
Shaved neck part NAPE
Small and insignificant DINKY
Small potatoes, figuratively TRIFLES
Splashy style ELAN
Stack PILE
Start a 300-yard drive TEEUP
Stereotypical one-percenter ELITIST
Suddenly smiled LITUP
Supermarket sections DELIS
Sweet closing KINDWISHES
Tinged with Southern charm KINDAFOLKSY
Trig terms SINES
Vera the healer ALOE
Very long river NILE
Waters or Merman ETHEL
We humans, to Trudeau PEOPLEKIND
Wed super-quick ELOPE
Wee buzzer GNAT
Where Anytown is? USA
Wind nearing 90 knots STORM
With zero remaining ALL

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