Universal – Apr 1 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Am I my brother’s keeper?” brother ABEL
“Foxy Brown” ‘do FRO
“I” problem? EGO
“Spill it!” DOTELL
“The Simpsons” grandma MONA
Afrocentric believer RASTA
All tied up EVEN
Alternative to reggae SKA
Angel food ___ CAKE
Animal with striped legs OKAPI
Ariel and others MERMAIDS
Ascot, e.g TIE
Awkward sort OAF
Big sellers of airtime ADREPS
Confidential sources spotted her eyeing relics at Boudhanath in ___ KATHMANDUNEPAL
Detectives for Interpol saw her skulking around Independence Square in ___ MINSKBELARUS
Devilish being DEMON
Draft horse’s footfall CLOP
Eat a snack NOSH
Eerie floor noise CREAK
Embarkation places PORTS
Emergency responder MEDIC
End of an ___ ERA
Ending for “Fannie” MAE
Energetically toweled, say DRIEDOFF
Entrepreneur’s spark IDEA
Epeeist’s ploy FEINT
Ex-Giant Manning ELI
Expensive bag monogram YSL
Express approval NOD
Follow a snowy trail SKI
Gofer’s task ERRAND
Hair adornment BOW
Hangout for a pinball fan ARCADE
Hay bundles BALES
Heavily populated DENSE
Hiker’s diagram MAP
Hold the floor ORATE
International thief hiding in either 20-, 26- or 44-Across (Follow her trail by reading all the clues’ starts!) CARMENSANDIEGO
It follows “Scooby” DOO
It’s not many FEW
Large vase URN
Library on a Mac, once ITUNES
Little outbreak ACNE
Liver oil source COD
Logician Turing ALAN
Macaw, e.g BIRD
Neighbor of Wash ORE
Notes from a sitar RAGA
Novelist Carr CALEB
Oblong tomato type ROMA
Of pitch TONAL
Old PC maker IBM
One is cast by a sorcerer HEX
One is undead ZOMBIE
Options list MENU
Reverential poem ODE
Ship out SEND
Some puppets SOCKS
Stranger ODDER
Take a stand without standing KNEEL
Term between names NEE
The Beehive State UTAH
The perfect place UTOPIA
Top card, typically ACE
Treble woodwind OBOE
Ugly things to face, at times FACTS
Unharmed figure in a crash test DUMMY
Usukuchi-topped noodles, perhaps UDON
Van, e.g., for a mover NEED
Vat filler at a Japanese brewery SAKE
Very stuck INAFIX
Villagers of the Great Plains OTOES
What corn can be ground into MEAL
Witnesses heard her discussing the high altitude at the Plaza Murillo in ___ LAPAZBOLIVIA
You see one at a rugby match SCRUM
___ Estrada Chavez CESAR

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