Universal – Apr 10 2018

Clues Answers
“Certainly!” YES
“Macbeth” trio HAGS
“Same for me” DITTO
“Won some, lost some” result SOSOTRACKRECORD
”That’ll show ’em!” HAH
Address a convention ORATE
Admiral variety REAR
After-wedding addition INLAW
Air-in-tire letters PSI
Another Greek letter IOTA
Arab leader SHEIK
B-ball place COURT
Bagel go-withs LOXES
Barn toppers VANES
Bowling game variety BOCCE
Brief smokes? CIGS
Composer Stravinsky IGOR
Egg maker OVARY
False rumor CANARD
Famous canal ERIE
Feline murmur PURR
From now on HENCE
Get ragged FRAY
Get ___ of (contact) AHOLD
Gets drunk TOPES
Greek letter RHO
Hair arrangement COIF
ID cover ALIAS
In fashion CHIC
Kevin of comedies HART
Like barely cooked food? OKAYENOUGHTOEAT
Mail carrier’s path ROUTE
Marks, as for life SCARS
Marsh bird IBIS
Clues Answers
Mexican currency PESO
Miners dig them ORES
Minnow relative CHUB
Mired home STY
More than eccentric LOCO
Muscle weakness ATONY
Music genre BLUES
Nearly cylindrical TERETE
Newsboy’s cry EXTRA
Not bumpy EVEN
Not certain IFFY
One of the Gospels LUKE
Open courtyards ATRIA
Open grazing land LEA
Outer ears center? ERE
Overhear CATCH
Playwright DRAMATIST
Priest’s smoker CENSER
Provable TRUE
Quitter’s word CANT
Reptile with a tight grip BOA
Ret. savings acct IRA
Serve drinks TEND
Shows curiosity ASKS
Skedaddle LAM
Sugarcoating ICING
They have sponsors ADS
Tom-tom’s neighbor SNARE
Tossing and turning result FAIRNIGHTSSLEEP
Tree-shaded place ARBOR
U-turn from most attentive DEAFEST
U-turn from subtracts ADDS
Way to the WWW ISP
Well-versed people? POETS
Western Africa port DAKAR
Window cover DRAPERY
Yacht’s domain SEA

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