Universal – Apr 11 2018

Clues Answers
“… and make it fast!” ASAP
“Enterprise” trip TREK
“In around then” inits ETA
“Proto” suffix PLASM
“So I ___!” HEARD
“___ whiz!” GEE
Abhorred HATED
Accepted practice USAGE
Adapts for a new audience REEDITS
AK, once TERR
Apollo launcher NASA
Approach abruptly ACCOST
Attacked like a hawk CLAWED
Bald baby EAGLET
Behavior principle ETHIC
Being protective of GUARDINGAGAINST
Border ABUT
Bruce and Stan LEES
Butcher offerings CENTERCUTSTEAKS
Cafeteria item TRAY
Chevy truck name TAHOE
Child-on-a-ride cry WHEE
Common passer CAR
Common pet CAT
Construct ERECT
Cordial flavorings ANISEEDS
Editor’s decision STET
Eventful period ERA
Fails to cite OMITS
Finds sum thing ADDS
First warm blanket? PLACENTA
General vicinity AREA
Handle irresponsibly ABUSE
Healthy-looking HALE
Indian princess RANI
Intergalactic traveler ALIEN
It’s acted out ROLE
Jack on “24” BAUER
Clues Answers
Lacking rain SERE
Leather on a diamond MITT
Like child one of five ELDEST
Like the church flock LAIC
Mag publisher’s goal RENEWAL
Off the coast ASEA
Old World plum type GAGE
Paper purchase unit REAM
Pineapple place LANAI
Pond growth ALGAE
Populous continent ASIA
Prefix with “trust” ANTI
Prejudice BIAS
Punter’s moneymaker LEG
Put out, angrily IRKED
Relaxation’s partner REST
Returned sound ECHO
Right or obtuse thing ANGLE
Santa in a mall, e.g TEMP
Schwarzenegger film ERASER
Seasoned sailor TAR
Service award TIP
Shipping specialist FORWARDINGAGENT
Some small aircraft DRONES
Statistician’s need DATA
Tennis do-overs LETS
That go-with THIS
The finest rating AONE
Thing on a to-do list ITEM
Three-voweled lake ERIE
Tighten up a lawn EDGE
Type of sword EPEE
Unwanted lip SASS
Valentine trim LACE
Voice in a quartet ALTO
Vote or cheer YEA
Way out there AFAR
Whiskey containers CASKS
Words with “date” SETA

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