Universal – Apr 11 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Breakout” game company ATARI
“Don’t ___ with Texas” MESS
“Fences” star Davis VIOLA
“Going to the reunion on ___?” MEMORYLANE
“Gotta go,” in textspeak TTYL
“Groovy!” RAD
“Heading to the fundraiser on ___?” CHARITYDRIVE
“Is that too big of a favor?” COULDYOU
“Life Elevated” state UTAH
“Likewise” SAME
“Looking for the pickup game on ___?” BASKETBALLCOURT
“Mamma Mia” band ABBA
“Meeting with the gold medalists on ___?” FIRSTPLACE
“One of ___ days …” THESE
“The Empire Strikes Back,” chronologically PARTV
“Trying to find the northern Alaskan hotel on ___?” ARCTICCIRCLE
34-Down, in Seville CASA
Amount produced YIELD
Apple of my ___ EYE
Audra McDonald and Leslie Odom Jr., at the ’21 Tonys MCS
Bay State sch UMASS
Birthing helpers DOULAS
Bit of gossip RUMOR
Blow like the Big Bad Wolf HUFF
Building next to a she shed HOUSE
Cheese’s partner MAC
Cornea neighbor SCLERA
Crab feature CLAW
Crafty website ETSY
Doorstep cover MAT
Dull in color DRAB
Easy shot for LeBron James LAYUP
Engrossed RAPT
Exploit for all it’s worth MILK
Female horse MARE
Filled with activity ASTIR
Forester or Highlander CAR
Former quarterback Manning ELI
Clues Answers
Friend, in France AMIE
From Jerusalem, maybe ISRAELI
Grand ___ Opry OLE
Hold’em stake ANTE
Invitation sender HOST
Item in a pod PEA
Kin group CLAN
Kindergartners learn them ABCS
Like an extreme fan RABID
New Deal prez FDR
No-___-um (tiny insect) SEE
On the ___ (escaping) LAM
Overly critical HARSH
Phrase before an expiration date USEBY
Poems of praise ODES
Pottery substance CLAY
Red carpet honoree, for short VIP
Resonates strongly HITSHOME
Ride a bike CYCLE
Sam who sang “A Change Is Gonna Come” COOKE
San Antonio landmark ALAMO
Savory taste UMAMI
Seemingly unmoved by misfortune STOIC
Sneeze sound ACHOO
Surcharge, for one FEE
Takes a load off SITS
Texting format: Abbr SMS
They make you look ARROWS
They might be “held down” FORTS
Type of whiskey RYE
Uncommon RARE
URL ending, often COM
Voting group BLOC
Walrus’s pair TUSKS
Washington bills ONES
Watering holes in deserts OASES
___ carte ALA
___ log (Christmas treat) YULE
___ Park, N.Y. (birthplace of 22-Down) HYDE

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