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Universal – Apr 13 2018

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Clues Answers
“High” drink TEA
“Oops” follower SORRY
“The Sheik of ___” ARABY
“The Wizard of Oz” VID? TOTO
African capital ACCRA
Any hugger EMBRACER
Asian capital SEOUL
Baker’s abbr TBSP
Ballet swirler TUTU
Be worthy RATE
Bit of bad weather STORM
Brit’s kitchen floor material LINO
Bunk or baloney HOOEY
Calligraphy stroke SERIF
Caustic liquid LYE
Chocolate nosh OREO
Deepest female voice ALTO
Department of some states BUREAUOFTOBACCO
Dog command STAY
Driveway material TAR
E’en and morn domain POESY
Emulate a sponge ABSORB
English racing town ASCOT
European mountain ALP
Eyelid infection STYE
Food crumbs ORTS
Foreign currency, once LIRA
Four-stringed instrument BASS
General dress GARB
Gothenburg coin KRONA
Grille protector BRA
Grubs down EATS
Gym letters YMCA
In this way THUS
Ink transfer production SILKSCREENPRINT
Is inquisitive ASKS
Jolly Kringle KRIS
Clues Answers
Jot or whit IOTA
Juvenile newts EFTS
Kindly endorsement AEGIS
Lane changer AUTO
Lenient? No way STERN
Let go FREE
Like baseball starters NINEFOLD
Mardi Gras items BEADS
Maritime plea SOS
Norwegian or Irish SEA
Nurse a newborn SUCKLE
Ooh partner AAH
Pain inflicter SADIST
Position STEAD
Priestly throw-on ALB
Range or scope AMBIT
River in Kazakhstan URAL
Sheepish reply BAA
Shell product GAS
Shredded TORE
Small dent DING
Soda type DIET
St. Augustine’s, from 598-1538 CANTERBURYABBEY
Swedish pop group ABBA
Sweet potato relatives YAMS
Therefore ERGO
Thick hairdo AFRO
Three star followers MAGI
Ticket remnant STUB
Trudge along PLOD
Type of call LOCAL
Unenviable placement LAST
Virgo-Libra point CUSP
Watercolor painting FRESCO
William Howard’s surname TAFT
Window part SASH
Word with “day now” ANY
Yarn workers KNITTERS