Universal – Apr 14 2018

Clues Answers
“… if I thought ___ help” ITD
“Audio” stick-on PHILE
“Be quiet!” SHH
“Heat of the Moment” band ASIA
“Jeopardy!” answerer ASKER
“___ like old times” SEEMS
252-gallon unit TUN
Alaska city ANCHORAGE
Allergic reaction treater EPIPEN
Amber, for one ALE
Avoiding, as a vice RESTRAININGFROM
Basic consumer EATER
Best man’s friend GROOM
Bicycle features PEDALS
Bivouac pitchings TENTS
Boom-er? NITRO
Bread of India NAAN
Burst in IRRUPT
By way of VIA
Chat it up CHINWAG
Claw-raised utterance HISS
Clock feature ALARM
Collapsed GAVEWAY
Completely INALL
Creation VIP EVE
Diet-ready LITE
Digestive enzyme RENIN
Dole out, as duties ASSIGN
Establish as true PROVE
Expired plum? PRUNE
Exxon rival ARCO
Farm producer HEN
Feminine pronoun SHE
Frequently OFTEN
Fury IRE
Gesture OK NOD
Green, to vets RAW
Clues Answers
Headbutt RAM
Host Sajak PAT
Infamous Roman emperor NERO
Jazz grp.? NBA
Kidney-related RENAL
Kind of tax SIN
Kitchen type EATIN
Laughter sound HAHA
Less acute OBTUSER
Like too-loud actors HAMMY
Little vegetable PEA
Long-tailed fruit lover HONEYBEAR
Looping through ENLACING
Mean suffix? EST
Melodramatic cry OHO
Mid-Feb. symbol HEART
Midwestern tribe OTOE
Molecule’s makeup ATOMS
Mountain debris SCREE
Nevada city RENO
Not get up early LIEIN
Old-school occurrences HAPS
Pale purple LILAC
Pencil topper ERASER
Pitching number ERA
Pixar effects, briefly CGI
Reduce tension LETUP
Rue not wearing high-tops, perhaps SPRAINONESANKLE
Sharp vision ACUITY
Smell ODOR
Spinning nut LUG
Stitched SEWN
Tiny measurement INCH
Typical USUAL
Voodoo’s birthplace HAITI
Way-nutty option HAREBRAINEDIDEA
Who the joke is? ONUS
Wrangler rival LEE

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