Universal – Apr 14 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Blanket” over Los Angeles SMOG
“Cut that out!” STOP
“For Your Eyes Only” singer Sheena EASTON
“Noodle” or “noggin,” for head SLANG
“___ to Joy” ODE
Actor Davis OSSIE
Allocate, with “out” METE
Ancient empire known for its rugs PERSIA
Arab chieftain EMIR
At any time EVER
Awards with a Playwriting category OBIES
Baker’s dozen? EGGS
Be an accomplice to ABET
Be behind on bills OWE
Behaved ACTED
Berry in a purple smoothie, perhaps ACAI
Bird that had a repeating sound? DODO
Bring on board HIRE
Camping desserts SMORES
Certain male cow STEER
Changes for the better AMENDS
Chocolate maker’s tree CACAO
Cold quality ICINESS
Comforter DUVET
Coming up AHEAD
Complete and total UTTER
Declare AVER
Dish cooked in a pot STEW
Does and bucks DEER
Dot follower in UNICEF’s URL ORG
Droopy LIMP
Elisabeth of “Leaving Las Vegas” SHUE
Exclusive story SCOOP
Failed guess in Battleship MISS
Flair ELAN
Frankenstein’s assistant, in film IGOR
Fury IRE
His tomb is in Red Square LENIN
Horse controllers REINS
Lancelot and Mix-a-Lot, for two SIRS
Lawns’ sides EDGES
Less stuffy AIRIER
Like a bartender tending bar? OUTPOURING
Like a jockey who’s fed up? OVERRIDING
Like a teacher burning the midnight oil? UPGRADING
Like someone expressing anger while at home? INVENTING
Lots and lots SLEWS
Magna cum ___ LAUDE
Napoleon in “Animal Farm,” e.g PIG
Nickname that anagrams to “red” DRE
Not pro- ANTI
Once existed WERE
Online crafts marketplace ETSY
Opera set in Egypt AIDA
Orange Muppet ERNIE
Organize neatly ARRANGE
Pancakes served with sour cream BLINI
Parker of “South Park” fame TREY
Practical VIABLE
Printing smudges BLOTS
Ray in tropical waters MANTA
Research money GRANT
Rides a bike PEDALS
Search engine originally called BackRub GOOGLE
Sent an emoji, say TEXTED
Spencer of “Good Morning America” LARA
Start to wake up STIR
Strengthen, with “up” TONE
They try things for a living TASTERS
Time out? NAP
Tums alternative MAALOX
Walked quietly TIPTOED
Was in charge LED
Windows precursor MSDOS
Word after “worry” or “prayer” BEADS
Wrap at a pageant SASH
___ Major (bear constellation) URSA

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