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Universal – Apr 15 2018

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Clues Answers
“Li’l ol’ me? Hah!” MOI
“Oh, me!” ALAS
1,000 G’s MIL
Ancestor of “pre” ERE
Astronaut’s supply AIR
Attention-getting sound PSST
Bird utterance CHIRP
Bobby soxer’s dance HOP
Bookkeeping record ENTRY
Boom producer TNT
Boycotting Algeria is an .. ARABSOILEMBARGO
Caribbean island ARUBA
Certain constellation ORION
Chemical suffix ENE
Cockpit abbr ALT
Color HUE
Cruz and others TEDS
Custer’s last thing STAND
Damage MAR
Did 1/3 of a triathlon SWAM
Disney classic BAMBI
Door-hanger’s need HINGE
Drinking syllable? HIC
Eagle’s grabber TALON
Fairy-tale biggie GIANT
Final cloth piece TAGEND
Fishy organ GILL
Fond du ___ LAC
Hard-plated creature ARMADILLO
Have some fun PLAY
Incendiary weapon NAPALM
Jefferson’s belief DEISM
Kitchen garment APRON
Kunis of Hollywood MILA
Light roll BRIOCHE
Low poker hand PAIR
Clues Answers
Make disgusted SICKEN
Many newspapers DAILIES
Mature on a vine RIPEN
Merry parties GALAS
Money-saving event SALE
More sick ILLER
Mothers and sisters place NUNNERIES
Numbers DIGITS
Offspring SCION
Old start for “while” ERST
Pint-sized MINI
Pollster’s query AGE
Possessive pronoun THEIR
Provide temporarily LEND
Rite answer? IDO
Savings option IRA
Sentries’ locales POSTS
Shoe parts SOLES
Short-tailed lemur INDRI
Some degrees BAS
Spork part TINE
Squeezing snake BOA
Stop wavering OPT
Talk about DISCUSS
Tenure, on Broadway RUN
Thanks for dinner? GRACE
The dragstrip surface was so hot, it .. BOILEDTHEWHEELS
Twisted, as wet clothing WRUNG
Two-paneled paintings DIPTYCHS
Type of dive SKY
Unwanted email SPAM
Using a heavy grease gun is .. LUBRICATINGTOIL
Water or gas pipes MAINS
Waves of grain color AMBER
Wicked transgression SIN
___ Lanka SRI