Universal – Apr 16 2018

Clues Answers
“Hey, there” kin PSST
“Holy” thing SPIRIT
“___ noted” DULY
Amazement AWE
America’s bird EAGLE
Ankle bones TARSI
Back, on a boat AFT
Besides ELSE
Big brass instrument TUBA
Biting pest FLEA
Bring together LINK
Bungalow roof material THATCH
Butcher’s leftovers OFFAL
Bypass vowels ELIDE
Casino cube DIE
Coastal mineral SEACOAL
Coconut and peanut OILS
College freshman, often TEEN
Dancing together INSTEP
Debonair in autumn? RAKISH
Defunct cigarette brand OLDGOLD
Divided peninsula KOREA
Effective banes RUINERS
Flamboyant flair ELAN
Flying toy KITE
Front to “cent” PER
Fuss, to Shakespeare ADO
Gentlewoman kin MAAM
Historic Alabama city SELMA
Horse enclosure STALL
Ireland, romantically EIRE
It’s over a foot SOCK
Jekyll’s counterpart HYDE
Legendary boxer ALI
Less hale ILLER
Lung filler AIR
Maiden name preceder NEE
Makes cloudy ROILS
Clues Answers
Microscopic pond life ALGA
Money “understandings” LOANS
Monkey variety TITI
Mouse alarms? EEKS
Mouse clutchers TALONS
Moving fast with runners? SLIDINGDOWNHILL
Muck go-with MIRE
New Zealand native MAORI
Not dead yet ALIVE
One of Columbus’ three NINA
Opera’s Trojan princess ILIA
Oven for drying OAST
Perfect remedy PANACEA
Perfume powder bag SACHET
Playfully taunt TEASE
Powerful cleaner AMMONIA
Puts questions to ASKS
Quarry worker’s domain? FALLINGROCKAREA
Re-checks the check ADDS
Requirement NEED
Retiring after a trip? SLIPPINGINTOBED
Round veggies PEAS
Ruler long gone TSAR
San Antonio dome ALAMO
Scot’s pattern TARTAN
Sheltered on the sea ALEE
Short, in clothing MINI
Spicy dip SALSA
Stares impolitely LEERS
State firmly AVER
Surgically cut INCISE
Tiny parasites LICE
Transmits SENDS
Type of following CULT
Update an atlas REMAP
Use a spatula FLIP
Woolly mamas EWES
Yarn ball CLEW

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