Universal – Apr 16 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“By what metric?” HOW
“Everything must go!” events CLOSEOUTS
“I’ve ___ had!” BEEN
“Now I know my ___ …” ABCS
“Well, lah-di-___!” DAH
(That was close!) PHEW
A Stooge MOE
A wedge of it may be served with 47-Across LIME
Before, to Shakespeare ERE
Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar, ___ Cardi B AKA
Build up AMASS
Commotions ADOS
Cookies in a dirt cake OREOS
Disaster relief org FEMA
Door joint HINGE
Embellish a story, say STRETCHTHETRUTH
European capital where “Amelie” is set PARIS
Extinct mammal that had large tusks MASTODON
Fawn’s mother DOE
From square one ANEW
Gave medicine to DOSED
Harper or Spike LEE
Hotel Bible provider GIDEON
Ice cream holder CONE
It’s not quite a free ride ECONOMYCAR
Ivy near Drexel PENN
Jocasta, e.g., in “Oedipus Rex” ROLE
Join the freeway MERGE
Kissing at the park, e.g., briefly PDA
Like eccentric humor ZANY
Like indecent humor BAWDY
Lump in Devonshire cream CLOT
Mainly nocturnal marsupial WOMBAT
Military force ARMY
Napoleon in “Animal Farm,” e.g TYRANT
New Year’s Day event BOWLGAME
New Year’s Day event ROSEPARADE
Parting phrase in Panama ADIOSAMIGO
Passed up pork, say ATEKOSHER
Perfect squad DREAMTEAM
Polite, palindromic title MADAM
Private eye’s jobs CASES
Purina alternative IAMS
Puzzles for rats MAZES
Pyromaniac’s crime ARSON
Ready to skinny-dip NUDE
Relentless grind RUT
Rogen of “The Interview” SETH
Rug cleaner, informally VAC
Rummikub or Scrabble piece TILE
Salsa ingredient? BONGODRUM
Sci-fi author who helped inspire steampunk JULESVERNE
See 56-Across END
Side made with cabbage SLAW
Singer Carly ___ Jepsen RAE
Some swine HOGS
Soothing stuff ALOE
Sort of squash ACORN
Sprouted up GREW
Stitch SEW
Summer camp fleet CANOES
Supposed Washington quote ICANNOTTELLALIE
Title for a countess LADY
Twinkling thing STAR
Unkind remark JAB
Vietnamese soup PHO
When something is up in the air? HANGTIME
Where bow ties are on display PASTABAR
Wipe (up) MOP
With 22-Across, cul-de-sac feature DEAD
Word before “play” or “trade” FAIR
Zesty taste TANG
Zippo NADA
___ angel (winter creation) SNOW

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