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Universal – Apr 17 2018

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Clues Answers
“Come Sail Away” rockers STYX
“___ about time!” ITS
Amazed utterances OOHS
Baltic capital RIGA
Bug or rile VEX
Car-dismantling “shop” CHOP
Carry-all BAG
Casual material DENIM
Certain sword EPEE
Choir section ALTO
Churn inside SEETHE
City in Utah PROVO
City near Frankfurt ESSEN
Compete VIE
Cosmetics ingredient ALOE
Dexterity EASE
Distinctive badge EMBLEM
Dose container AMPULE
Drops back EBBS
Erie Canal mule SAL
Famous garden EDEN
Fanciful stories TALES
Film Superman REEVE
Florida city MIAMI
From ancient times AGEOLD
Funeral vehicle HEARSE
Gallic farewell ADIEU
German prison camp STALAG
Gets lost in the moment SWOONS
Gordian, for one KNOT
Government agents FEDS
Guy’s companion GAL
Hockey success GOAL
Indecent material SMUT
Iranians’ neighbors IRAQIS
Jason’s fabled ship ARGO
Keep in custody DETAIN
Lacking hair BALD
Clues Answers
Landed safely ALIT
Least 18-Down NEWEST
Like a limbo winner LOWEST
Like days in the past OLDEN
Lobsters’ corals ROES
Lose-lose inquiries LOADEDQUESTIONS
Make calm SOOTHE
Neither go-with NOR
Nice ones of old slang BEAUTS
Notice out there ESPY
Once more AGAIN
Pig’s digs STY
Potted meat brand SPAM
Recipe segment STEP
Related item TIEIN
Resting above ATOP
Send forth EMIT
Sequel number III
Slanted ATILT
Song you want now DIGITALDOWNLOAD
South Dakota capital PIERRE
Spring bloomer PEONY
Stamping tools DIES
Steadied a weapon AIMED
Stir up, as a fire STOKE
Tardy LATE
Tweak some strings? TUNE
Type of dust PIXIE
Type of lens or nerve OPTIC
Unit of capacitance FARAD
Use a piggy bank SAVE
Use one leg HOP
Ways, as of transportation MODES
What you dare not exceed MAXIMUMOVERLOAD
Wine cask TUN
Word for the divisive? INTO
___ four (little cake) PETIT
___ mater ALMA