Universal – Apr 19 2018

Clues Answers
“I’ll second that” AMEN
“It’s been ___ pleasure!” AREAL
“Not a sound!” SHH
Abrupt closure SNAP
Assortment OLIO
Baseball legend Mel OTT
Baseball necessity BAT
Battery projection ANODE
Besmear BEDAUB
Bide oneГ%82’s time AWAIT
Big, goofy oaf PALOOKA
Birch bark floater CANOE
Blood-related AKIN
Children’s writer Blyton ENID
Church’s due TITHE
Cooking show winner THENEXTIRONCHEF
Cranky TESTY
Direction in “green-eyed” ENE
Drum major’s item BATON
Elusive cryptid YETI
Empty truck’s weight TARE
Far from feminine MANNISH
Farces and spoofs PUTONS
Flamboyance ELAN
Food morsel ORT
Gets out of here quick HIES
Goes on at the mouth RANTS
Guileful SLY
Hawkeye IOWAN
Injectors, briefly HYPOS
Key and Danson TEDS
Kitchen wrap WAXPAPER
Lake to the Hudson ERIE
Lawyers’ grp ABA
Like good marchers INSTEP
Lingering sound ECHO
Lovey-dovey sound COO

Clues Answers
Lux hotel attraction SPA
Magistrates of yore DOGES
McDonald’s serving HASHBROWNPOTATO
N. or S. state DAK
Nectar source PEAR
New Testament book JOHN
No-big-wedding doer ELOPER
Noisy appetizer? BANGBANGCHICKEN
Not aye NAY
Not near FAR
Not sts AVES
Officiates b-ball REFS
One state-ly neckpiece LEI
Oppositional one ANTI
Piercing tool AWL
Place for a mud bath? STY
Pope’s envoy NUNCIO
Prefix with “morphic” META
Prepares clams STEAMS
Remove locks? SNIP
Shines, as shoes POLISHES
Shocks AWES
Shot on ice? SLAP
Small monkey TITI
Snaky fishes EELS
Spectacular star NOVA
Split-off groups SECTS
Support a robber ABET
Thailand bills BAHTS
Type of wear or room MENS
Type of welder ARC
Uber’ed to dinner ATEOUT
Untoppable point ACME
Usable info DATA
Vital economic stat GNP
Walked heavily TROD
With a wee opening AJAR
With eyes darting AWARE
Writer Thomas or Tom WOLFE

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