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Universal – Apr 19 2020 – Puzzle Solutions

Published in Universal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Blow” or “flow” starter LOW
“Boy” or “girl” lead-in ATTA
“It is the east, and Juliet is the sun!” speaker ROMEO
“That’s one small ___ … “ STEP
*Despicable opportunist BOTTOMFEEDER
*Game with no tackling FLAGFOOTBALL
*Snooze button’s location ALARMCLOCK
A McCoy, to a Hatfield FOE
Actress Gadot GAL
Authorizes OKS
Auto at an auction, often REPO
Baby Moses’ river NILE
Baja resort area, familiarly CABO
Battery in many flashlights CCELL
Bell-bottoms feature FLARE
Big name in big screens IMAX
Bounce off the walls? ECHO
Call made with outstretched arms SAFE
Calligrapher’s flourish SERIF
Caramel-filled candy ROLO
Cursor movers MICE
Dalai ___ LAMA
Disney film set in Polynesia MOANA
Diva’s solo ARIA
Dungeness ___ CRAB
Eight-member ensemble OCTET
Elite squad CADRE
Emma of “La La Land” STONE
Extinct bird DODO
Firenze’s country ITALIA
Ford flop EDSEL
Fully ALL
Geico lizard GECKO
Goods cast overboard JETSAM
Grand in scope EPIC
Grapefruit relative POMELO
Greek letter for an angle THETA
Green spot in a desert OASIS
Head, in France TETE
Home to Bollywood INDIA
How much music was sold in the ’90s ONCD
In vitro fertilization needs OVA
Is victorious over BESTS
Kunal’s role in “The Big Bang Theory” RAJ
Like many a fall day CRISP
Longed for CRAVED
Magazine whose name sounds like a magazine supply INC
Maker of Cajun Shrimp nail polish OPI
Mammal with flippers SEAL
Metaphorical heavy balloon material LEAD
Misfortunes ILLS
More cube-shaped BOXIER
New York’s ___ Island ELLIS
Night light units? MOONBEAMS
Not on the rocks NEAT
NYSE debut IPO
Ollie’s comedy partner STAN
Place to see starlings NEST
Poems of praise ODES
Pop star Lady ___ GAGA
Posed for a photo SAT
Present warning DONOTOPEN
Pub drinks ALES
Relation such as 2:1 RATIO
Requests from ASKSOF
Shiraz’s country IRAN
Slow cooker meal STEW
Sprinter’s infraction, and a hint to the starred answers’ first words FALSESTART
Standoffish ALOOF
Stared in amazement GAPED
Target, as with a dart AIMAT
The skinny INFO
Words of admiration IMAFAN
Worker in the gig economy? ROADIE
___ one’s own horn TOOT