Universal – Apr 2 2018

Clues Answers
“It’s been ___ good run” AREAL
“Matrix” hero NEO
“The Lifted Veil” author GEORGEELIOT
“Well, ___-di-dah” LAH
’70s shortage item GAS
10/31 option TREAT
Advance showing, simply PREVUE
Apple or lemon TREE
Arguer’s goal LASTWORD
Asian tie OBI
Big birds, mate EMUS
Blackthorn’s fruit SLOE
Braced oneself STEELED
Champagne variety BRUT
Diner specialty BLT
Dutch cheese GOUDA
Editor’s marks STETS
Extreme suffix EST
Flower part PETAL
Flutes in marches FIFES
Formal close YOURS
Former “60 Minutes” reporter Ed BRADLEY
Gardener’s pushover? WHEELBARROW
Garfunkel or Blakey ART
Get to yes AGREE
Gourmands EATERS
Grog house INN
Guzzles SWILLS
Horn sound TOOT
Howard or Darling RON
Imitator APER
Insect stage LARVA
It helps draw the line RULER
Itching to go ANTSY
Land of Lima PERU
Levelheadedness APLOMB
Like a wincer’s expression PAINED
Like dreamy looks FARAWAY
Clues Answers
Mar. follower APR
Matches audio and video SYNCS
Mentally stable SANE
Mombasa locale KENYA
Mug edge RIM
Mythical flying horse PEGASUS
Not supine PRONE
Not tarry to marry ELOPE
Of the ear AURAL
Past word WAS
Pitchblende, for one ORE
Places here and there? AREAS
Poetic “before” ERE
Potential jury member PEER
Puts into government ELECTS
Reef material CORAL
Return into custody REMAND
Shedlike housing HUT
Singing production OPERA
Small streams CREEKS
Small street kin? AVE
Split apart REND
Stand on it LEG
Sticks figures? RUBES
Tablet kin PILL
Trip taken in vain? EGO
Turkish VIP AGA
Type of knowledge PRIOR
U-turn from ruddiest PALEST
U.S. capital, once NYC
Unconscious states COMAS
Up for grabs OPEN
Weakly hit single BLOOP
Weekend part SATURDAY
What passion is DEEPFEELING
What to weather THEELEMENTS
Wrongly take center stage? OVERACT
Young codfishes SCRODS

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