Universal – Apr 20 2018

Clues Answers
“Frasier” actress Gilpin PERI
“Long” time? AGO
“___ Maria” (hymn) AVE
Able to hold water? VALID
And so forth ETC
Bad peepers? VOYEURS
Banned pollutant (Abbr.) CFC
Body of beliefs CREED
Brillo, for one SCOURINGPAD
Buddy PAL
Candied tuber YAM
Cartoon Flanders NED
Cheerio morsel OAT
Classic motive REVENGE
Climb on MOUNT
Common test answer FALSE
Computer stuffer DATASET
Empty talk RHETORIC
Exotic jelly GUAVA
Fancy fabric MOIRE
Fast fowl EMU
Fist, in slang DUKE
Folklore monster OGRE
Forms a skin for ENCASES
Great artistic feat TOURDEFORCE
Halted ENDED
Happens to, old-style BEFALLS
Hit man, essentially HIREDGUN
Horned butter RAM
Inebriated one SOT
It can be syrupy MAPLE
It may be scoped RIFLE
Lack of ethical values ANOMIE
Like human skin PORED
Like survivalists RESOURCEFUL

Clues Answers
Listen HEAR
Made an attempt ESSAYED
Manhandles viciously MAULS
Match, in poker SEE
Maternal relative ENATE
Matt of Hollywood DAMON
Mining valuables ORES
Mom’s mate DAD
Mountain basins TARNS
Mouse’s chill spot PAD
Neutral possessive ITS
Norman the psycho BATES
Not at all heavy LIFTABLE
Office administrations? OATHS
Offshore devices OARS
Paddock fathers SIRES
Passes the hat COLLECTS
Place for a ringer STAKE
Profession CAREER
Quit, on a mat TAPOUT
Repeatedly AGAIN
Romantic love AMOUR
Sleeveless cloak PELISSE
Sticky road cover TAR
Sun-dried bricks ADOBES
Tennis shoe hole EYELET
Took a chance DARED
U-turn from purebreds MUTTS
Way to be frozen SOLID
Wee Herman? PEE
Wheel variety MAG
Where many are driving GOLFCOURSES
With less stuff BARER
With sloped cuts BEVELED
Word with “pride” CIVIC
Yesterday’s compound? ESTER

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