Universal – Apr 21 2018

Clues Answers
“A Prayer for Owen ___” MEANY
“B.C.,” e.g COMIC
“Legal” prefix PARA
“P” of the Greeks RHO
’60s film doctor LAO
Abates EASES
Actor Tony, and others DOWS
Address peers ORATE
Alarming dish? CHILI
American English offshoot EBONICS
Animated mermaid ARIET
Apple type RUSSET
Author Tolstoy LEO
Basil sauce PESTO
Behemoths COLOSSI
Boy doll KEN
Car-rental giant AVIS
Censoring sound BLEEP
Chef’s wear APRON
Clams or cabbages GELTS
Clandestine org CIA
Commotion ADO
Crafty STY
Crash into RAM
Desperately dry SERE
Dubbed Hitchcock SIR
Duke’s place DURHAM
Early man? ADAM
Facades FRONTS
Fawn about ADULATE
Figure skating event PAIRS
Flashy ride BMW
Food morsel ORT
Forest fluid SAP
Fowl of Australia EMU
Goof up ERR
Hearing or sight, e.g SENSE
Hissed summons PSST

Clues Answers
Icelandic epic EDDA
Indoor bench PEW
Infuriated ANGERED
Is into moving pictures? REHANGS
JVC rival, once RCA
LaBelle with the pipes PATTI
Lecterns PODIA
Lennon and McCartney, e.g DUO
Like chimps APISH
Like Vatican matters PAPAL
Listless boredom ENNUI
Makes confirmations CROSSCHECKS
Masterful rhymers POETS
Monopoly ave BALTIC
Most peculiar ODDEST
Motel alternative INN
Musical passage PHRASE
Pac-Man eat ’ems DOTS
PC linkage LAN
Plastic ___ Band ONO
Put limits on CAP
Puzzle theme + “my heart!” WORDOFHONOR
Reflectors MIRRORS
Ripken at short CAL
Run to wed ELOPE
Scratchy pad SOS
Self-centered sort EGOIST
Shocking fish EEL
Shorebird with a curved beak AVOCET
Sneak attacks RAIDS
Societal lack of norms ANOMIE
Some high dos AFROS
Surveyor’s units ACRES
Totally confuse ADDLE
Transcends genre CROSSESOVER
Trivial nonsense PIFFLE
Wee Scot LAD
___ Gras MARDI

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