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Universal – Apr 21 2020 – Puzzle Answers

Published in Universal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Arthur” channel PBSKIDS
“Fat chance!” ASIF
“Finished!” DONE
“Hold on … huh?” WAITWHAT
“I did NOT need to know that!” TMI
“If Beale Street Could Talk” author JAMESBALD
“Jabberwocky” opener TWAS
“Season’s ___!” GREETINGS
“The Pioneer Woman” host Drummond REE
“This queen is gonna treat herself!” IDESERVEIT
“Uh-huh” YEP
“___ you sure?” ARE
1 or 66: Abbr RTE
2020 also-ran Andrew YANG
All-hrs. bank amenity ATM
And so on: Abbr ETC
Apartment door feature PEEPHOLE
Barking marine animals SEALS
Blink of an eye JIFFY
Blink of an eye, briefly SEC
Choices PICKS
Convenience store MART
Crosses (out) XES
Decorate for showings STAGE
Disney princess from Atlantica ARIEL
Door buster?: Var FIREAXE
Easter Bunny’s favorite breakfast spot? IHOP
Egyptian crosses ANKHS
Event with snow biking TERXGAMES
Exhilarating baseball finish, or a hint to 18-, 28- and 46-Across WALKOFFWIN
Explorer’s reference MAP
Four laps, on most tracks MILE
Frat party barrel KEG
GameCube ancestor NES
Gems strung on a necklace PEARLS
Go bad SPOIL
Half a supposedly telepathic pair IDENTICALT
Health info site WEBMD
Hip bones ILIA
Honda CR-V, e.g SUV
Instructions unit STEP
Intense dance party RAVE
It’s big and blue SEA
Kid ___ (“Day ‘N’ Nite” artist) CUDI
Knotty wood PINE
Light at a 34-Across STROBE
Like a Starburst CHEWY
Like this answer’s position CENTRAL
Long, pointy weapons SPEARS
Model airplane set, e.g KIT
Mystical radiance AURA
Number of states with three-word capitals ONE
Obi-Kenobi link WAN
On any occasion EVER
Open courtyards ATRIA
Org. of Wizards and Magic NBA
PC hookup LAN
Picture taken by a drone, perhaps AERIALSHOT
Polish business? NAILSALON
Reaction to a punch OOF
Rock greats’ shrine, briefly HOF
Score 100% on ACE
Score such as 1-1 TIE
Snazzy electric cars TESLAS
Spanish rice dish PAELLA
Spirited horses STEEDS
Streep’s “Out of Africa” role BLIXEN
Supportive garments BRAS
They’re often plotted DATA
Toasted breakfast treat POPTART
Unrefined metal ORE
Untidy stack PILE
Untidy stacks HEAPS
Uru. neighbor ARG
Verve PEP
Watch in astonishment GAPEAT
___ Lauder ESTEE