Universal – Apr 22 2018

Clues Answers
“… with 1,001 ___” USES
“A” as in “autumn” SCHWA
“Act” add-on ION
“Archie” jock MOOSE
“Hit me” place RENO
“River” blue NILE
“With all ___ respect” DUE
Almost closed AJAR
Black, in poetry EBON
Bring loud attention to SOUNDTHETRUMPET
Casual shirts TEES
Centerward INNER
Champagne-opening sound POP
Cobblestone kin SETT
Contortionistic game TWISTER
Dads’ counterparts MOMS
Dispatcher on “Taxi” LOUIE
Distributes (with “out”) METES
Do-well type? NEER
Dropper container (var.) AMPUL
Email predecessor TELEX
Enthusiastically try JUMPATTHECHANCE
French Sudan, once MALI
Game with 32 cards SKAT
Goes nuts with anger RAGES
Grand ___ (wine term) CRU
Greek X CHI
Guitar type ACOUSTIC
Habitat ABODE
Hand over CEDE
Housework unit CHORE
I of Roman numerals ONE
Is permissive LETS
Jack of Westerns ELAM
Make a Hall of Famer ENSHRINE
Make laugh AMUSE
Morning startler ALARM

Clues Answers
Motor oil letters SAE
Mr. and Mrs. no more EXES
NYC river EAST
Occur as a result ENSUE
On a liner ASEA
Parting word ADIEU
Place for baby CRIB
Plateaus MESAS
Pull the plug on CEASE
Regrettably silent LIKEABUMPONALOG
Rethink, as a position REASSESS
Rich, elaborate cake GATEAU
Roll call reply HERE
Rope creation KNOT
Rubik’s shape CUBE
Seeb’s country OMAN
Singer Chaka KHAN
Slack off ABATE
Slowly break off? ERODE
Studies hard CRAMS
Testy condition SNIT
Thing for the swift RACE
Tolkien humanoids ORCS
Took a load off SAT
Tough-to-beat card ACE
Traditional harem guard EUNUCH
TV award EMMY
Type of glasses or hats OPERA
Typer’s bar SPACE
Vatican VIP POPE
Volcanic debris ASH
Warbled SANG
Whiny “Why not?” CMON
Wild promotion HYPE
Woman looking ahead? SEERESS
Words with “date” UPTO
Yacht personnel CREW
___ the wiser NONE

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