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Universal – Apr 22 2020 – Puzzle Answers

Published in Universal Crossword.

Clues Answers
Abrupt way to break a habit COLDTURKEY
Batwoman or Wonder Woman HERO
Beret or boater HAT
Big pile HEAP
Blend together MELD
Bowlful with beef and beans TACOSOUP
Business school subj ECON
Cellphone billing period, often MONTH
Cherry discard STEM
Chilled with cubes ICED
Congressional worker AIDE
Copier paper unit REAM
Covered in tattoos INKED
Curved foot part ARCH
Deals with difficulties COPES
Decks out ADORNS
Despised HATED
First Greek letter ALPHA
Frat buddy BRO
Game delay cause RAIN
Game with queens CHESS
Get testy with SNAPAT
Guiding principle CREED
Home to the National Museum of Qatar DOHA
Hybrid golf or tennis garment SKORT
Initial poker stake ANTE
Judo rank indicator BELT
Laudatory poems ODES
Lawyer’s charges FEES
Like 2021 ODD
Lombardy lake resort COMO
Malia Obama’s sister SASHA
Mall conveniences ATMS
Many PSAT takers JRS
Mass dispersion from a homeland DIASPORA
Minnesota’s St. ___ College OLAF
Murals or sculptures ART
New Delhi air problem SMOG
Not as moist DRIER
Office note MEMO
One of Bart’s sisters LISA
Org. screening carry-ons TSA
Org. that helps teens make good choices SADD
Outer boundaries EDGES
Oxidizes RUSTS
Oyster’s “home” SHELL
Parent honored in May MOM
Part of a frame job? MITERJOINT
Photographer Leibovitz ANNIE
Piano technician TUNER
Places for paraffin facials SPAS
Plumber in video games MARIO
Prepare, as tater tots FRY
Progresses with minimal effort COASTS
Punxsutawney groundhog PHIL
Put the kibosh on END
Result of a hack job? DATABREACH
Reuben meat CORNEDBEEF
Rids (of) PURGES
Roe source SHAD
Rookie socialite DEB
Rubies and sapphires GEMS
Salad utensil FORK
Shouts from a rowdy crowd CHANTS
Shouts from a rowdy crowd, collectively ROAR
Silly comedy FARCE
Snake that squeezes its prey BOA
Spruce (up) SPIFF
Squeaky pests MICE
Symbol repeated after http: SLASH
They’re stored in jewel cases CDS
Trade-___ (compromises) OFFS
Vision-improving surgery LASIK
Walgreens location, often CORNER
What someone in a bank job manages? STUDENTLOAN
___ tai MAI
___-cotta TERRA