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Universal – Apr 23 2018

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Clues Answers
“I claim it!” DIBS
“Narc” attachment OTIC
“Trooper” prefix PARA
Aussie bounders ROOS
Bard’s night EEN
Below the ocean UNDERSEA
Besides ELSE
Billions of years EONS
Captivates ENAMORS
Certain pol SEN
Debate ARGUE
Dublin’s setting EIRE
Dude BRO
Evict first-row crashers RESEAT
Fairy story TALE
From Mom’s side ENATE
Fruit producer TREE
Gear catch DETENT
Genetic stuff RNA
Hallucinogenic drug LSD
Helps AIDS
Hem, perhaps ALTER
Heroic doing DEED
Hyped (with “up”) AMPED
In-sightful photo? XRAY
John 3:16, for one SELECTEDPASSAGE
Joined, as companies MERGED
Kneecap center? EEC
Legend ICON
Like a ballerina LISSOME
Like sharp pain ACUTE
Lisbon-to-Barcelona dir ENE
Mideast gulf ADEN
More melancholy SADDER
Negative prefix ANTI
Clues Answers
Norway city OSLO
Not first LAST
Not indoors OUTSIDE
Official emissary LEGATE
Paranormal letters ESP
Peyton Manning’s bro ELI
Prefix with “space” AERO
Productive fly SAC
Provoke resentfully PIQUE
Regrets RUES
Relaxing resorts SPAS
Royal spheres REALMS
Sadist at work TORTURER
Shakes on it AGREES
Shrek, for one OGRE
Ski building LODGE
Sleuth kin TEC
Some college students COEDS
Sonneteer POET
Speech part verbatim DIRECTQUOTATION
Spherical veggie PEA
Successful escape ELUSION
Tear fully RIP
That thing’s ITS
They get a leg up PUNTERS
Three, on some clocks III
Three-in-one TRIUNE
To this juncture ASYET
Touch-up up top TRIM
Try to persuade URGE
Type of poker STUD
Vast fishing spot SEA
Very dry SERE
Vicious smiles SNEERS
What members pay DUES
Wild fights MELEES
Worry FRET
___ favor (please) POR