Universal – Apr 24 2018

Clues Answers
“Hey, you” PSST
“I do” lady BRIDE
“We’ve had ___ good time” AREAL
1/100th of a pound PENCE
4,000 1/2 pounds TON
Affirmative YES
Alaskan king and Maryland CRABS
All debaters REBUTTERS
Allow LET
And others, briefly ETAL
Antelope relative GNU
Bits of history ERAS
Brown deliverer UPS
Brown ermine STOAT
Bugs on a hill ANTS
Butt plant? SIT
Cash alternative CHARGE
Cast skin SHED
Country legend Lynn LORETTA
Curtain hangers? RODS
Decomposes ROTS
Den denizen BEAR
Disrupt UPEND
Do CIA work SPY
Dread feeling ANGST
Dueling sword EPEE
Electronic messages EMAIL
Exalt LAUD
Fancy without SANS
Formally comment ISSUEASTATEMENT
Garments of old Rome TOGAS
Get blond DYE
Gets mellow AGES
Golf cup RYDER
Group for the bright MENSA
Hardens eggs BOILS
Heady psyche EGO

Clues Answers
Hosiery fabric LISLE
Immature ovum OVULE
It’s with neither NOR
Language in “persecute” ERSE
Like a baffled sailor? ATSEA
Literary slip fixers ERRATA
Llama-rich country PERU
Map out with purpose PURSUEASTRATEGY
Massive time periods EONS
May 7, e.g NONES
Nights before EVES
Not reticent OPEN
One standing row REP
Orchestra tuner OBOE
Painter Matisse HENRI
Part of one’s act? ROLE
Party of quails BEVY
Placard POSTER
Refill a flat again? RELET
Repairs MENDS
Resurrection Day treasure GOLDENEASTEREGG
Riot preceder UNEASE
Ripped TORE
Sermon concluders AMENS
Shade HUE
Some undergarments BRAS
Son of Adam SETH
Spheres of interest AREAS
Studio construction SET
The Ponderosa, for one RANCH
Type of space STORAGE
U-turn from misery BLISS
Unexpected win UPSET
Vibrant hue RED
Vicks place ending? BURG
Visit again RESEE
What Young MC said to bust AMOVE
Workers on antiques RESTORERS

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