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Universal – Apr 24 2020 – Puzzle Answers

Published in Universal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Aren’t you fancy!” OOLALA
“Jesus wept” is the shortest one in many Bibles VERSE
“Pardon me …” AHEM
“Psych!” NOT
Adds as a recipient CCS
Beginner TYRO
Biceps’ location ARM
Big name in video games SEGA
Big Pharma regulator FDA
Birch of “American Beauty” THORA
Boomer’s kid, perhaps XER
Card above a deuce TREY
Carpet cleaners, for short VACS
Clark in comic books KENT
Coup d’___ ETAT
Cultural belief system ETHOS
Elongated swimmers EELS
Ending for “kitchen” ETTE
Family-friendly movie ratings PGS
Fictional Butler RHETT
French fashion magazine ELLE
Frosh, next year SOPH
Fuel additive brand STP
GPS ancestors MAPS
Grate remains ASH
Guarantee ENSURE
H.R. concern HIRING
Hogs’ hangouts STIES
InSight Mars Lander org NASA
It might flood at high tide GROTTO
Jaffe or Barrett RONA
Joy Reid or Rachel Maddow HOST
Kind of bar for a hiker GRANOLA
Lauder of cosmetics ESTEE
Make corrections to EMEND
Meyers of late-night SETH
Missy of rap ELLIOTT
Moderate race pace TROT
New York island STATEN
Nightmarish film locale, briefly ELMST
Not meant to be thrown away REUSABLE
Oatmeal vessel POT
Of the same ilk AKIN
Once, once ERST
Out of patience FEDUP
Paddle boats? CANOES
Pair of pants? LEGS
Part of a jazz combo SAX
Personal ID SSN
Place to make tracks? STUDIO
Place to store a German sausage? WURSTCASE
Place to store a stuffing seasoning? THYMESLOT
Place to store a T-bone or porterhouse? STEAKHOLDER
Place to store a Wisconsin cheese? CHEDDARBOX
Place to store spherical legumes? PEASKEEPER
Polish, as a manuscript EDIT
Private’s privy LATRINE
Revolutionary time? YEAR
Smooth shift SEGUE
Snorkeling spots ATOLLS
Stretch across SPAN
Summer on the Seine ETE
Theater section LOGE
Theme park headache LINE
They change sides TRAITORS
To boot ASWELL
Urban blight EYESORE
Web destination SITE
What Doris Day sang after “Que” SERA
Word after “safe” or “same” SEX
Worm, to the early bird PREY
___ best friend (dog) MANS
___ Britain (art gallery) TATE
___ Moines DES