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Universal – Apr 26 2018

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Clues Answers
“Donna” or “vera” go-with PRIMA
“Martin” character PAM
“Volunteer?” ANYBODY
Acknowledges applause BOWS
An Olsen twin ASHLEY
Approaches clouds SOARS
Aromatic salves BALMS
Attentive organ EAR
Betters TOPS
Bro kin HOMEY
Bunyan’s ox BABE
Cat seeking sympathy MEWLER
Celestial bear URSA
Chat GAB
Chest stabilizer RIB
Coin toss call HEADS
Cooler for sodas ICE
Corpulent FAT
Crafty one, old-school SLYBOOTS
Dismissive utterances PSHAWS
Dollar, to some EURO
Driver’s vision problem GLARE
Eggs, fancy OVA
Endangered jungle creatures TIGERS
Fad “Baby” BEANIE
Fall back RETREAT
Fanatical ULTRA
General battle? WAR
Hairstyles DOS
Halls of learning IVORYTOWERS
Hard worker’s due RAISE
Healthy meal SALAD
Heronlike bird IBIS
Hot chocolate COCOA
Inflation letters PSI
Informal clergy member REV
Informal relative SIS
Japanese immigrant’s kid SANSEI
Clues Answers
Keyboarded? TYPED
Lady on the farm MARE
Least drunk SOBEREST
LeBlanc on TV MATT
Like keyless music ATONAL
Like mail in the P.O SORTABLE
Make illegal BAN
Mathematician type GEOMETER
Mattress supports SLATS
Nylon streaker RUN
On edge TENSE
Photo ___ (PR setups) OPS
Pictures to click ICONS
Place for losers REAR
Places for safe recalls? MEMORYBANKS
Plural contraction THEYVE
Poetic blacks EBONS
Pre-festival time EVE
Rare color? RED
Reptilian SCALY
Romantic night EEN
Sheedy of films ALLY
Shortly, old-style ANON
Simple circular (var.) FLYER
Spacious auto SEDAN
Spare me these GORYDETAILS
Stately mounts STEEDS
Still in the tourney ALIVE
Tel tail? AVIV
Telephoned RANG
The loneliest number ONE
Thin nail BRAD
Thing to gloss over LIP
Total-care doctor HOLIST
Uncooked RAW
Unsinkable boat ARK
Words of commitment IDO
___ chi TAI