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Universal – Apr 27 2018

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Clues Answers
“___ Christie” ANNA
A throw EACH
Abbr. on a memo ATTN
Achieve perfectly NAIL
Actor Wilson OWEN
Adhered CLUNG
All straightened up NEAT
All stretched out TAUT
Backtalk, in slang LIP
Bad stuff in court HEARSAY
Be a wool gatherer SHEAR
Blast, as of wind GUST
Boil or churn SEETHE
Boston Harbor drink? TEA
British pop star ADELE
Ceremonial elegance ECLAT
Church row fillers PEWS
City in Minnesota LINDSTROM
Cleverly artful DEFT
Common precipitation RAIN
Crooked poker player CHEATER
Dash instrument TACH
Director Preminger OTTO
Drop-off spot? EDGE
Eden villain SERPENT
Enameled metalware TOLE
Exec’s pay SALARY
Extend a subscription RENEW
Facts for computers DATA
French fathers ABBES
Get hooked on hosiery? SNAG
Goya’s duchess’ place ALBA
Hefty ride SUV
Helpful website letters FAQ
Hops dryers OASTS
Is sentenced to GETS
It grazes in Africa GNU
It needs mending RIP
Clues Answers
It’s fired up in a lab ETNA
Legendary Rhine rock LORELEI
Like cold tea ICED
LSD, familiarly ACID
Milk variety NONFAT
Minute dog injuries? FLEABITES
Musical exercise ETUDE
Neural transmitters AXONS
Old Man’s place SEA
Org. kin ASSN
Persistent pain ACHE
Physics’ units of work ERGS
Plant starter SEED
Quite a lot OODLES
Rejection words NOS
Repair wrongs ATONE
Salmon variety COHO
Scottish lords THANES
Simple chopper (var.) AXE
Slangy impossible NOHOW
Social blooper GAFFE
Some atomic particles IONS
Staff anew, non-PC REMAN
Standard measurement INCH
Stroked item EGO
Thick-stringed guitar BASS
Tosses in ADDS
Trees for flooring BEECH
Type of cheese EDAM
U.K. military branch RAF
Wave maker OAR
Wound cover SCAB
Wreck but good TOTAL
Writer Ferber EDNA
Your ace beats him THEKINGOFHEARTS