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Universal – Apr 27 2020 – Puzzle Answers

Published in Universal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“American Grown” author Michelle OBAMA
“Bam!” POW
“Be ___ as it may …” THAT
“Hello” singer ADELE
“We’re toast!” UHOH
“Yes, Captain!” AYE
Acknowledges applause BOWS
Agile SPRY
Air quality index org EPA
Angry blog post RANT
Aromatherapy spot SPA
Barbershop quartet member TENOR
Be insistent PRESS
Biceps pic, say TAT
Blue Ribbon brewer PABST
Cardiologist’s insert STENT
Chuck of “Meet the Press” TODD
Clay pigeon sport SKEET
Clothes brush buildup LINT
Colorful aquarium fish TETRA
Connoisseur MAVEN
Covert ___ OPS
Creme de ___ CACAO
Crime fiction author Johansen IRIS
Dances for seniors PROMS
Federal retirement org SSA
Fine-tune HONE
Forfeited wheels, briefly REPO
Free-for-all MELEE
Fruit-bearing cactus PRICKLYPEAR
Gel-producing plant ALOE
Get in touch with REACH
Good-sized yard ACRE
Handled, as paperwork PROCESSED
Hard-to-resist feeling URGE
Hawkeye State resident IOWAN
How solitaire is played ALONE
Humiliate ABASE
Intersecting roadway CROSSSTREET
Invoice stamp PAID
Iron-fisted ruler DESPOT
It may be tempted FATE
Journalist Koppel TED
Just plain silly INANE
Lascivious look LEER
Leave rolling in the aisles SLAY
Leaves off an attachment, e.g ERRS
Like some yogurt LOWFAT
Like undomesticated cats FERAL
Money in Mexico PESO
Muslim pilgrim’s destination MECCA
One wearing stylish attire SNAPPYDRESSER
Person in a tryst LOVER
Plan, with “out” MAP
Puts in order SORTS
Ready for customers OPEN
Ready to hit the hay TIRED
Ready to swing, in baseball ATBAT
Reflex hammer target KNEE
Run-of-the-mill SOSO
Shocked reaction GASP
Small amount of time, metaphorically HEARTBEAT
Snowman’s neckwear SCARF
Spilled salt, to some OMEN
Support, with “up” PROP
Surfer’s challenge WAVE
Synagogue leader RABBI
Tarzan’s adoptive mother, e.g APE
To-do list item TASK
Tread heavily STOMP
Uncanny skill, for short ESP
Use a pogo stick HOP
Walk in washed-up surf WADE
What a Monday holiday may give an employee SHORTWORKWEEK
Wide assortment ARRAY
Works hard TOILS
Worry-free state EASE
___ the moon (delighted) OVER