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Universal – Apr 28 2020 – Puzzle Answers

Published in Universal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Cheers” spinoff FRASIER
“Get ___ Ya-Ya’s Out!” (Rolling Stones album) YER
“The Bonfire of the Vanities” character McCoy SHERMAN
“Waterfalls” group TLC
“Will do!” IMONIT
Actor Davis OSSIE
After-school org PTA
All Supreme Court justices before O’Connor MEN
Alternative to Aquafina DASANI
Ancient Roman garment TOGA
Aphrodite or Lakshmi DEITY
Bakery draw AROMA
Barbershop sound SNIP
Biblical boat ARK
Big name in snowmobiles SKIDOO
Bingo relative KENO
Brickell or Falco EDIE
Carpool lane letters HOV
Cash register part TILL
Cheer at a Real Madrid match OLE
Chew out BERATE
Comedian Schumer AMY
Corkscrew’s shape HELIX
D.C.’s ___ Stadium RFK
Direct-to-consumer sales RETAIL
Exhausted, slangily ZONKED
Fingerprint, perhaps CLUE
Frozen chicken brand TYSON
Fury IRE
Future sunflower SEED
Got started BEGAN
In recent days LATELY
J. Cole’s genre RAP
Jumbled MIXED
Keeps in the loop, email-wise CCS
Marbling in meat FAT
Miner’s find ORE
Mmes., in Monterrey SRAS
More mean-spirited NASTIER
Mountain nymph OREAD
Musical Mama CASS
No-win situation? TIE
Offer bait to TEMPT
One may hide a camera SPY
One may like a celebrity’s tweet FAN
Opposite of the verb “free” IMPRISON
Option on In-N-Out Burger’s secret menu, or a hint to 18-, 23-, 51- and 56-Across ANIMALSTYLE
Person who sees value in things? MATERIALIST
Playful swimmer OTTER
Poisonous plants with bell-shaped flowers FOXGLOVES
Pothead STONER
Rombauer of cookbook fame IRMA
Seasonal marshmallow treats PEEPS
Shade from sunlight? TAN
Sherwood Forest fellow ROBINHOOD
Show for aspiring entrepreneurs SHARKTANK
Signal on stage CUE
Simon of “Hot Fuzz” PEGG
Skate park feature RAMP
Small role BITPART
Specialized area NICHE
Spicy marinade ADOBO
Superlative for a runt LITTLEST
Take a ___ to (start liking) SHINE
Target score for Simone Biles TEN
They’re crafted by mixologists COCKTAILS
Thick rug type SHAG
Unyielding RIGID
What a Tesla doesn’t use GAS
WNBA official REF
Wonder Woman, for example AMAZON
Word before “gap” or “group” AGE
Yogi’s pose ASANA