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Universal – Apr 29 2018

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Clues Answers
“Caught in the act!” AHA
“Critic” suffixes ISMS
“Encore!” MORE
“That being the case” HENCE
’50s quartet “Brothers” AMES
All single condos UNITS
Avoiding buoys ASEA
Be a ham actor EMOTE
Big-time filmmaker DISNEY
Boardwalk sweets TAFFY
Bread unit LOAF
Bring praise to LAUD
Chevy with a plug VOLT
Cool and collected UNSHAKEN
Cooped-up biddy HEN
Drumroll sound RATATAT
Dutch cheese EDAM
Ends of many prices NINES
Essen river RUHR
Eye inflammation STYE
Fireplace, quaint INGLE
Flavorful TASTY
German river RHINE
Get soft and mushy ROT
Golden buttons plant TANSY
Grazers with antlers ELKS
Grubbed down ATE
Highest point ACME
Historical periods ERAS
How those with colds speak NASALLY
Impose, as a tax LEVY
It’s on the rocks? MOSS
Just give up QUIT
Lends a hand AIDS
Library penalty FINE
Like a fabled duckling UGLY
Like an active match LIT
Clues Answers
Like food you should toss MOLDY
Load on ship LADE
Love a joke LAUGH
Lyrical poem ODE
Many Brits stand for it GODSAVETHEQUEEN
McDonald’s symbols ARCHES
Moment SEC
Nab perps ARREST
Nest egg option IRA
Nonsupportive votes NAYS
One of a foot’s 12 INCH
One-word bar order SAME
Opulent feast, e.g DISHFITFORAKING
Outranking OVER
Park scream inducers RIDES
Pleasant NICE
Promotional link TIEIN
Proofer’s retraction STET
Puerto finisher RICO
Qom’s country IRAN
Seed cover ARIL
Sharp glacial ridge ARETE
Siam tutor ANNA
Signs of life ANKHS
Simba, for one LION
Sitcom’s Morgenstern RHODA
Skate place RINK
Skillful DEFT
Solo relative ARIA
Sphere of influence AMBIT
SSNs and others IDS
Sunrise direction EAST
Susan’s Emmy role ERICA
Tex-Mex snack FAJITA
They get into your food TEETH
Use yarn KNIT
Way long time AGES
Wee bit of air ARGON
Whitetail critter DEER