Universal – Apr 3 2018

Clues Answers
“Absolutely” NODOUBT
“Good Times” surname EVANS
“My good man” SIR
23-Across doubled? ELVES
Antelope variety GNU
Apply jelly SMEAR
Be an impersonator ASSUMEAROLE
Botch up ERR
By way of VIA
C homonym SEE
Cause for release FALSEARREST
Do better than TOP
Dynamite cable channel TNT
Eleanor’s successor BESS
Electrical measure AMP
Fairy-tale word UPON
Field mouse VOLE
Fishes’ counterparts LOAVES
Forest creature ELK
Funny Cheech MARIN
Furniture hauler VAN
Furtively glimpses PEEKS
Garbage TRASH
German steel city ESSEN
Great, wise king SOLOMON
Gumball price, once PENNY
Impassioned ARDENT
Intended MEANT
Inuit boot MUKLUK
Is multiplied? ARE
Knee boo-boo SCRAPE
Lean animal SCRAG
Light detectors SENSORS
Lock up top TRESS
Long-running fights FEUDS
Mark or John, e.g SAINT
Marshy? No way SERE
Modern headphone EARBUD
Clues Answers
Non-affirmatives NOS
Not tied up LOOSE
Overflowing with AWASH
Passing craze FAD
Pastoral expanse LEA
Peacenik’s bird DOVE
Place to whirlpool SPA
Pop a fastening UNSNAP
Posed faces MUGS
Praise to the skies ADULATE
Presents for payment RENDERS
Richard’s VP SPIRO
San Simeon owner HEARST
Sawbuck TEN
Sign of victory VEE
Silkwood or Carpenter KAREN
Sleep interrupter APNEA
Solicit ASK
Sorkin or Judge AARON
Sports venue ARENA
Steal ROB
Stopover place INN
Stu of old films ERWIN
Surgeon’s closure SUTURE
Swinging creatures ORANGS
Take away MINUS
Tee preceder ESS
Tiny toy handler ELF
Tuba material BRASS
Verbal vote NAY
Way pointer ARROW
Weave on the road SWERVE
Weirdly spooky EERIE
William Tell’s home URI
Window part SASH
Winter hideaway DEN

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