Universal – Apr 3 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Around the Horn” channel ESPN
“Indulge me here” CMON
“It’s at the top of my ___ list” TODO
“Later skater” PEACE
“Pretty” in Spanish BONITA
“The caveman diet” PALEO
*”So awesome!” THATRULES
*”You have my full attention” IMALLEARS
*Slender, savory snacks CHEESESTRAWS
*Something wonderful, in old parlance THEBEESKNEES
101 course INTRO
And so forth, for short ETC
Applaud CLAP
Apt rhyme for “evaluate” RATE
Australian hoppers ROOS
Awards broadcast on 61-Down ESPYS
Bad habits VICES
Bart Simpson catchphrase, and what the last words of the starred clues’ answers can do GETBENT
Blue ___ Mountains RIDGE
Board gaming surface TABLE
Church leader PASTOR
Class for some H.S. students SATPREP
Cowboy boot attachments SPURS
Desperate appeal PLEA
Dole (out) METE
End of an academic URL EDU
Extremely, informally ULTRA
Faux ___ PAS
Feeling after a Krav Maga class ACHE
Feeling of worry ANXIETY
Fix the outcome of RIG
Frolic ROMP
From the top ANEW
Fruit in a California roll AVOCADO
Glitz and ___ GLAM
Grocery holders BAGS
Historic time period ERA
Home made of twigs NEST
In a tizzy ALLUPSET
Initial poker payment ANTE
Keister BUTT
Leaves in the morning, perhaps? TEA
Like some unnerving stares ICY
Like tuba notes LOW
Marxism’s Marx KARL
Metal deposits ORES
Midday meal LUNCH
Name that’s an anagram of “mile” EMIL
Necessity for making a comeback? SHARPWIT
Oliver Twist and Jane Eyre, e.g ORPHANS
Opposite of haram HALAL
Otis Redding’s record label STAX
Pac-12 school in SoCal UCLA
Pace of a piece of music TEMPO
PC core CPU
Prefix for “physics” ASTRO
QVC alternative HSN
Reach new heights? GROW
Ready to pour ONTAP
Rower’s stick OAR
Say out loud UTTER
Second to last part of a Shakespeare play ACTIV
Show your boredom or sleepiness YAWN
Sleep in the great outdoors, maybe CAMP
Soapmaking substance LYE
Split the cost GOHALVES
Sporty car roof TTOP
Sun visor EYESHADE
Sushi tuna AHI
Take a Bumble match offline MEET
Tedious tasks SLOGS
That’s a laugh! HAHA
They can be crunched but not eaten DATA
Tom Collins spirit GIN
Visibly stunned AGAPE
Vocal inflection TONE
What gets turned on after dark? LAMP
___ to go RARIN

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