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Universal – Apr 30 2018

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Clues Answers
“500” race INDY
“Amen to that!” ILLSAY
“Buona ___” (good night) SERA
“Guarding ___” (1994 film) TESS
“Hey there” HIYA
“I’m game” LETS
“No-see-um” pest GNAT
“Oh, no” DANG
“Satyagraha,” for one OPERA
A cereal grass RYE
A martial art KUNGFU
Actor Grant HUGH
Arduous journey TREK
Asphalt “mark” SKID
Atlantic fish SCUP
Baseball blast HOMER
Be introduced to MEET
Boot reinforcement TOECAP
Buzz makers BEES
Call before a judge ARRAIGN
Certain flower fruit ROSEHIP
Class-of-one student TUTEE
Continental peak ALP
Cool? No way UNHIP
D.C. negotiator POL
Desert features CACTI
Director’s units TAKES
Driver’s calculation BRAKINGDISTANCE
Driver’s place LANE
Dust Bowl emigrant OKIE
Formalwear items TIES
Four prefix TETRA
Gel amount DAB
Get looks from the vet QB PLAYLIKEAROOKIE
Good thing to fit like GLOVE
Gray sea eagles ERNS
Healing salve ALOE
Clues Answers
Helps AIDS
Invest with a trait ENDUE
Kind of TV? CABLE
Large deer ELK
Like hostages CAPTIVE
Limo’s bar? AXLE
Makes up for EXPIATES
Mexican shawl SERAPE
Misplaced LOST
Morocco city RABAT
Mountaineer’s need ROPE
Nav. rank ENS
Naval Academy students MIDS
Noble dude EARL
Nothing-going-on condition? NUDISM
Overly hasty RASH
Pale gemstone OPAL
Pampering provider SPA
Pharaoh’s land EGYPT
Prepare for a bout SPAR
Pricing word ONLY
Pueblo Indians group HOPI
Set components REPS
Sledding locale HILLSIDE
Surname on “Frasier” CRANE
Tai language LAO
They see things EYES
Three, another way III
Throws a party HOSTS
Ticked feeling IRE
Toothpaste container TUBE
U-turn from nearby AFAR
UMBC over Virginia, e.g UPSET
Way more than active HYPER
Whimper like a baby MEWL
___ your instructions ASPER