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Universal – Apr 30 2020 – Puzzle Answers

Published in Universal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Be right with you” HANGON
“Preach it, girl!” AMENSISTER
“That so?” ISIT
“This can’t be good!” UHOH
Alley targets BOWLINGPINS
Amount prescribed DOSAGE
Animal hidden in “Immanuel Kant” ELK
Available to chat, say ONLINE
Bangalore bread NAAN
Bar exercise CHINUP
Barn birds OWLS
Beatles drummer Starr RINGO
Bent over STOOPED
Best part of the weekend, for some GETTINGUPLATE
Betty of old cartoons BOOP
Blog feed initials RSS
Born, in the society pages NEE
Chasing away SHOOING
Code breakers’ org NSA
Communicate nonverbally SIGN
Computers with Finder MACS
Consumer protection org BBB
Cordon ___ BLEU
Count conclusion? ESS
Cousin of a clam MUSSEL
Do-it-yourself moving rental UHAUL
Early daily occurrence SUNRISE
Employing USING
Eruption fallout ASH
Everest expert SHERPA
Explosive start? THEBIGBANG
Fall flowers, briefly MUMS
Fanciful thoughts NOTIONS
Give off EMIT
Good times FUN
Guitar parts with frets NECKS
Gunk on a trunk SAP
Gym figure BOD
Headey of “Game of Thrones” LENA
Heavy instruments in marching bands TUBAS
Hogwarts class about nonmagical beings MUGGLESTUDIES
However, informally THO
Huffs and puffs PANTS
Imitate APE
Jar contents at a restaurant TIPS
Jones or James of jazz ETTA
Krieger of the U.S. women’s national soccer team ALI
Like this answer ACROSS
Mississippi’s state flower MAGNOLIA
Mom-and-pop org.? PTA
Morales of “Titans” ESAI
Neither’s partner NOR
NYC art museum, with “The” MET
Pampering, for short TLC
Political debate topic ISSUE
Pro ___ (for free) BONO
Pulled from shelves RECALLED
Quite proficient ADEPT
Red pencil users, briefly EDS
Scot’s refusal NAE
Sea creature with no natural predators ORCA
Seize suddenly NAB
Shore birds GULLS
Site of a siege to remember ALAMO
Skin soother BALM
Small piece of paper SLIP
Small setback MINORHICCUP
Sore, perhaps PAINFUL
Sound of satisfaction AHH
Taking great strides LOPING
Word after “sleep” or “national” DEBT
You: Fr TOI
___ sugar SPUN
___ tuna AHI
___ up (common palindrome) PUT