Universal – Apr 4 2018

Clues Answers
“… Bojangles and ___ dance …” HED
“Dilly,” for “silly” TYPO
“I double-dog ___ you!” DARE
“In ___ of …” LIEU
A goodbye CIAO
Artful dodger EVADER
Bird bills NEBS
Bonny girl LASS
Car pioneer Ransom OLDS
Central portion MIDST
Coffee drink LATTE
Come as a result ENSUE
Completely fix over REDO
Copied APED
Criticize sharply PAN
Curtis/Poitier were in the 1st THEDEFIANTONES
Dean’s milieu ACADEMIA
Department store sign MENSWEAR
Devours (with “down”) WOLFS
Early oboes SHAWMS
Endangered primate ORANG
Event sword EPEE
Food crumb ORT
Fury IRE
Have children, biblically BEGET
Head-swellers EGOS
Hilo root food POI
Inspiration for the creative MUSE
It can clear the way SNOWPLOW
Jittery condition UNEASE
Joule piece ERG
Law in physics OHMS
Lift weights TONEUP
Lifted with the legs HOVE
Like octuplets + one NINEFOLD
Moved quickly SPED
Clues Answers
Newbie TYRO
Not stay in bed GETUP
Olympian Lewis CARL
One of a couple MRS
Pastor’s house MANSE
Pelvic parts ILIA
Poetic “soon” ANON
Poetic daybreaks MORNS
Pop-up stuff ADWARE
Reliever’s stat ERA
Segue word ANYHOW
Self-defense sprayer MACER
Showed up CAME
Some loud votes YEAS
Some sci-fi characters EARTHMEN
Stationed POSTED
Strongly opposed AVERSE
Summer specialty HEAT
Thick-coated mama EWE
Tiny RAM unit MEG
Tom Cruise was in the 2nd WAROFTHEWORLDS
Transfer the title of CEDE
Trial noter STENO
Trippy stuff LSD
Type of shirt neck VEE
U-turn from fauna FLORA
Unit of force DYNE
Unseals OPENS
Walks haltingly LIMPS
Walter Matthau was in the 1st THEBADNEWSBEARS
Warhol genre POPART
What losers don’t do WIN
What some golfers break PAR
Winter possibility SLEET
With enthusiasm HEARTILY
Work on hooks SPAR
Yoko’s last ONO
Zodiac sign LEO

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