Universal – Apr 5 2018

Clues Answers
“Ghostbusters” car type HEARSE
“Pro” follower RATA
A second time AGAIN
Appease, as hunger SATE
Arab leader (var.) EMEER
Bandstand, e.g PLATFORM
Businessman Perot ROSS
Causes of Met music swellings ARIAS
Cease STOP
Center of differences? ERE
Certain unintended consequences BOOMERANGEFFECT
Claim no more CEDE
Common bills ONES
Communist Trotsky LEON
Concluded OVER
Corn and others CROPS
Cosmetics biggie AVON
Down greedily SNARF
Earring variety STUD
Epic of Troy ILIAD
Eye part UVEA
Fable author AESOP
Far from gung-ho TEPID
Firing range stuff AMMO
Flicked away SHOOED
Frodo’s pal SAM
Get – of link RID
Hanging tapestry ARRAS
High voice FALSETTO
Highest point ACME
Informal matriarchs MAS
Jeans maker LEVI
Let be known TELL
Like April RAINY
Lip shiner GLOSS
Long, heroic stories SAGAS
Love muse ERATO
Clues Answers
Meeting schedule AGENDA
Necessities NEEDS
Necklace component BEAD
Not easy to please FUSSY
Not false TRUE
Not on the lookout ASLEEP
Noted drummer STARR
Nowhere near crude CLASSY
Painful rebuke SLAP
Plentiful GALORE
Powerful gulp SWIG
Praise lavishly TOUT
Racked animal STAG
Rawhide snaggers MITTS
Readies, as 10 pins SETS
Relating to birds AVIAN
Room lender INN
Sheltered on the water ALEE
Shoot from a distance SNIPE
Shopping bout SPREE
Short explosive TNT
Sledding site HILL
Some are paper, some plastic BAGS
Some narrative writing EPOS
Spot from afar ESPY
Stark or strict HARSH
Stew with some kick OLIO
Swear it’s so AVER
Things made before the wedding PREARRANGEMENTS
Vast desert GOBI
Viral internet thing MEME
Water supplier HOSE
Weight revealer SCALE
Went rapidly TORE
Whistled hour NOON
Word we share OUR
Wrestling milieu ARENA
Writer Oscar WILDE

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