Universal – Apr 5 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Jane ___” EYRE
“The Color Purple” Pulitzer winner Walker ALICE
“___ Has Cheezburger?” (early meme) ICAN
*Captain Kirk’s conveyance USSENTERPRISE
*Packer’s status before moving? FREEAGENCY
*Went separate ways PARTEDCOMPANY
Abet’s partner in crime AID
Actress Thurman UMA
Alex who hosted 37 seasons of “Jeopardy!” TREBEK
Ankylosaurus or iguanodon, informally DINO
Apt-sounding surname for a child KIDD
Avoid, as an issue SKIRT
Bathroom, in Bath LOO
Beach lotion letters SPF
Become visible APPEAR
Bedside glass fillers DENTURES
Big name in jewelry KAY
Bit of protection for a Rollerblader KNEEPAD
Cartoony cry of pain YEOW
Chickens’ perches ROOSTS
Chowed down ATE
Church camp? SECT
Curved paths ARCS
Cut, as grass MOW
Dirty look STINKEYE
Done for KAPUT
First sound in “GIF,” some say HARDG
Fleeting BRIEF
Golden or pale drinks ALES
He was slain by Cain ABEL
Is serious, or a hint to the end of each starred clue’s answer MEANSBUSINESS
Leave, like a crowd after a show EMPTYOUT
Legal threat ILLSUE
Lenovo competitor ACER
Like a sensual novel EROTIC
Like an exciting party LIT
Like some boards and markers DRYERASE
Makeup of some muffins BRAN
Martini ingredient GIN
Ocean State sch URI
Pale color that’s French for “unbleached” ECRU
Paul dubbed the “Thomas Edison of music” LES
Pen ___ (distant correspondent) PAL
Perfected HONED
Plant or mole SPY
Ramirez who portrayed Dr. Callie Torres SARA
Remained in hiding LAYLOW
Renaissance Faire instrument LUTE
Renders speechless AWES
Response to “Am not!” ARESO
Safe and sound UNHARMED
Simplifies EASES
Singer ___ J. Blige MARY
Smooth transitions SEGUES
Snoopy, e.g BEAGLE
Starts a poker pot ANTES
Street crosser, for short PED
Taylor-Joy of “The Queen’s Gambit” ANYA
Theater opening? ACTI
Tic-___-toe TAC
Totally exhausted DEAD
Treat, as leather TAN
Word after “puff” or “puzzle” PIECE
Wrestling venue RING
X’s, to Athena CHIS
___ Club (warehouse store chain) SAMS

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