Universal – Apr 6 2018

Clues Answers
“… and seven years ___” AGO
“Antonio” beginning SAN
“Erin go”-with? BRAGH
“King ___” (Presley film) CREOLE
“Voyage” starter BON
Almost worthless copper PENNY
Angelina Jolie role GIA
Apply a new tread RECAP
Aquarium buildup ALGAE
At a standstill IDLE
Baseballer’s wear CAP
Bedeck or beautify ADORN
Bone in a cage RIB
Bring great joy to ELATE
Burr-Hamilton event DUEL
Certain religious figure RABBI
Certain sea creatures Crustaceans
Come afterward ENSUE
Confess TELL
Creation figure EVE
Crowded DENSE
Dance type TAP
Doctrinal offshoots SECTS
Don Draper, for one ADMAN
Drained of energy SPENT
Ear-involved AURAL
Entertainer’s go-between REP
Extends a subscription RENEWS
Genesis START
Glassy blinkers EYES
GM light-duty SIERRA
Goings-on ADO
Goo for a do GEL
Guitar feature FRET
Have regrets RUE
Head locks TRESSES
Heady vermin LICE
Hoosier locale INDIANA
Hospital fluids SERA
Clues Answers
Innocent one NAIF
International superpower USA
Isn’t indecisive OPTS
It’s loaded CARGO
Kendrick and Chlumsky ANNAS
Lacquers up JAPANS
Low cards TREYS
Mangy mutt CUR
Met head-on FACED
Minor, in law PETIT
More impatient ANTSIER
Natural eye drops TEARS
No gator, but close CROC
Not from Earth ALIEN
Number of solidarity ONE
Object of Keats’ praise URN
Operated, as a machine RAN
Perform again REDO
Phrase before “king” ALA
Prefix with “violet” ULTRA
Provided the origin of SOURCED
Rug feature NAP
Sans ___ (typeface) SERIF
Secretive D.C. org NSA
Self-satisfaction COMPLACENCY
Sheep pelts FLEECES
Shock alternative STRUT
Sudden break CAESURA
Superhero creator Stan LEE
Tablet-hitting-water sounds PLOPS
Transgresses ERRS
Trig findings SINES
Warning to pull over SIREN
Weasel out of EVADE
With much speed SWIFTLY
Word after “not” YET

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