Universal – Apr 6 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Best in Show” org AKC
“Drat!” DANG
“Strange Magic” band, to fans ELO
“Yours truly” alternative ASEVER
Alberta native CREE
Apartment contract LEASE
Apple product? SEED
Back with a wager BETON
Bang-up AONE
Bat mitzvah and first communion, e.g RITESOFPASSAGE
Became less intense EASED
Before now AGO
Brunch beverage MIMOSA
Bygone Iranian royal SHAH
China setting? ASIA
Chinese temple PAGODA
Clear the tables BUS
Clickable image ICON
Comforting comment ICARE
Comic Cheri OTERI
Cows’ comments MOOS
Credit card company VISA
Cuzco citizen, once INCA
Dec. holiday XMAS
Disobedient BAD
Farmer’s furrow former PLOW
Firming up, as muscles TONING
Fishing string LINE
Frenziedly AMOK
Fries, for instance SIDE
Gobs and gobs ATON
Golden Rule preposition UNTO
Got gray, say AGED
Had a meal ATE
Hi-___ graphics RES
Island east of Java BALI
It rings in a ring BELL
Jet-black INKY
Kind of clef ALTO
King with a golden touch MIDAS
Knight’s title SIR
Like a certain grin or wink SLY
Like a dungeon DANK
Load, like luggage STOW
Loose collective advocating peace ANTIWARMOVEMENT
Monument’s bottom BASE
No. 2 execs VPS
North Pole covering ICECAP
Not up on deck BELOW
Old phone feature DIAL
One is beautiful on the inside GEODE
Owl’s hangout BARN
Peg on a golf course TEE
Penny, perhaps, in poker ANTE
Person who believes Africa is the promised land RASTA
Philly’s country USA
Place described in “Kubla Khan” XANADU
Polish for English class EDIT
Recurring theme MOTIF
Sacha Baron Cohen character ALIG
Save an idea for later MAKEAMENTALNOTE
Schindler of “Schindler’s List” OSKAR
Self starter? HER
Spanish “Bravo!” OLE
Squeezing (out) EKING
Temporary solution STOPGAPMEASURE
Terrifying giant OGRE
They may blow off on a windy day HATS
Treated at a restaurant PAID
Trees that shade streets ELMS
Type of bar with live music PIANO
Verb after “thou” ART
Watery expanse SEA
Weather report graphic MAP
Word before “surfing” or “trip” EGO
Wrestling hold LOCK
___ Reader (magazine) UTNE

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