Universal – Apr 7 2018

Clues Answers
“And ___ off!” THEYRE
“Rocket” attachment EER
Acclaim ECLAT
Actress Locklear HEATHER
Alan Jackson’s “___ Like That” ALOVE
Bedroom staples LAMPS
Before, way back ERE
Bird sound TWEET
British inn server POTBOY
Carpal tunnel sites WRISTS
City in Greece THEBES
Cold sufferer’s need TISSUE
Decade parts YEARS
Defense gp. shuttered in 1977 SEATO
Detective SLEUTH
Diner table staples SALTSHAKERS
Display jubilation EXULT
Figure of speech TROPE
Filmdom’s Raquel WELCH
Fish and chips condiment MALTVINEGAR
Free-for-all SETTO
Gave a piano recital SOLOED
Genetic stuff RNA
Hinge quieter OIL
Huge land animal RHINO
Ice skating move AXEL
Inexpensive wiper RAG
Intrinsic INNATE
It could be hatched PLAN
It’s “of the crop” CREAM
Joe’s place MUG
Judaic God YAHWEH
King’s sampler? TASTER
Like ratty hotels SEEDY
Little Scot LAD
Low-lying cloud STRATUS
Clues Answers
Midwest airport OHARE
Mom’s kinsfolk ENATE
MPG part PER
Muddy home STY
Musician Petty TOM
Nebraska river PLATTE
Neutral middle vowel SCHWA
Not urban RURAL
Out of the wind LEEWARD
Outhouse relative PRIVY
Overly theatrical STAGY
Paleozoic and others ERAS
Palindromic male name OTTO
Proverbial doctor’s order? HEALTHYSELF
Provides evidence ATTESTS
Pungent “ring” ONION
Rainbow-shaped ARCED
Rifle part BREECH
Ring great ALI
Rusher’s accumulation YARDS
Sacrificed ones MARTYRS
Salt Lake City athlete UTE
Say “Welcome to …” GREET
Severe dislike HATRED
Singer Horne LENA
Smidgen TAD
Smiled brightly LITUP
Southern veggie OKRA
Sprinkle about STREW
Take off FLY
They covet ENVIERS
Twofold BINAL
Veneration AWE
Versifiers POETS
With barely a way out INDEEP
___ and Perrins LEA

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