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Universal – Apr 8 2018

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Clues Answers
“And more like this” ETC
“Common Sense” author PAINE
A fine cotton PIMA
Actor Dinklage PETER
Address bravely FACE
Airport sights PLANES
Avant-garde ARTY
Baba of fiction ALI
Baseball game delayers PITCHINGCHANGES
Beats the favorite UPSETS
Big name in eruptions ETNA
Body mover HEARSE
Comb line PART
Common patch locale KNEE
Cook’s command EAT
Cord relatives ROPES
Cravings YENS
Day saver HERO
Daytime talk name ELLEN
Death-inducing FATAL
Dispatch vessel AVISO
Do a cop’s job ARREST
Dough does it RISES
Drop off for a bit NAP
Emulate a snake WRITHE
Equine hybrid HINNY
Fever-pitched HECTIC
Film plot involving “twins” SWITCHEDATBIRTH
Film successes HITS
Flavorful TASTY
Foot bones TARSI
Four-stringed instruments UKES
German “please” BITTE
Gridiron wear HELMET
Gush on stage EMOTE
Hindu wrap SARI
Hoop variety HULA
Include? No OMIT
Clues Answers
Irritate much RILE
It can be the limit SKY
Kayak kin UMIAK
Leave town FLEE
Liver spread PATE
Make cryptic ENCODE
Matured AGED
Military training group CADRE
Monkey kin BABOON
More than ask PLEAD
Noble dude EARL
Off-kilter AWRY
Pill quantity DOSE
Pond organism ALGA
Priestly title FATHER
Private eye, slangily TEC
Quash or squelch STOP
Question starter WHAT
Religious practice RITE
Right-hand page RECTO
Rotating engine parts CAMS
Seldom-found RARE
Ship’s calling? SHE
Sieves, can openers, e.g KITCHENUTENSILS
Slowly, in music LARGO
Some drafts ALES
Tapered weapon LANCE
Tastiness SAPOR
Therefore ERGO
TV’s Vigoda ABE
Unoriginal reply ECHO
Was gluttonous ATE
Whiskey variety RYE
Winter Palace inhabitant, once TSAR
With few details SKETCHY
Woodstock saying PEACE
Worldly LAIC
Yokel RUBE