Universal – Apr 8 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt,” e.g PUN
“Didn’t love it” MEH
“Judge not, ___ ye be judged” LEST
“So, next … “ THEN
“The Little Mermaid” prince ERIC
“To me …,” in a tweet IMO
“Uh-uh” NOPE
*Person who guides expectant and new mothers NURSEMIDWIFE
*Person who might teach consonant-vowel combinations SPEECHTHERAPIST
*Person working with relief pitchers BULLPENCOACH
According to ASPER
Alaska, on some U.S. maps INSET
Amanda Gorman, e.g POET
Apiece EACH
Baking soda has many USES
Ballet skirt TUTU
Barely makes (out) EKES
Body of work OEUVRE
Bonobo, e.g APE
Browser that’s also a performance OPERA
Burn on the outside CHAR
Chain that sells buckets KFC
Clears (of) RIDS
Country where Nadia Comaneci was born ROMANIA
Digital mapping tech GIS
Dispatched SENT
Eating regimen that forgoes animal products VEGANDIET
Eventually become ENDUP
FedEx, for one … and what the starred clues’ answers all offer, in a way DELIVERYSERVICE
Flight board stats ETDS
Former NPR host Cornish AUDIE
Fourth month APRIL
Fruit salad fruit, often MELON
Go out with SEE
Has some nom noms EATS
Instruments with bent necks LUTES
Iron in a vein? ORE
It can be laid down but not picked up THELAW
It’s a sign! OMEN
Kept going (and going) RANON
Kiddo TYKE
Kisses on the streets of London? SNOGS
Letters before a pseudonym AKA
Like Oreos at a state fair DEEPFRIED
Liveliness PEP
Lo-cal LITE
Low-end brass instrument? TUBA
McKellen of “Cats” IAN
Mischievous ones IMPS
Nail polish brand OPI
Overly hasty RASH
Paving goop TAR
People of Canada CREE
Pieces of lower-leg jewelry ANKLETS
Placed a cold pack on ICED
Pleasant smell AROMA
Reeves of “John Wick” KEANU
Report on COVER
Reverberation ECHO
Rice-A-___ RONI
Salary increase RAISE
See 23-Across SOLO
Snide looks SNEERS
Some first responders EMTS
Some sun signs LEOS
Sources of electricity in a current? EELS
Stoic “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” detective ROSA
Superlative suffix EST
Test for aspiring profs GRE
Touring band’s vehicle VAN
Track event MEET
TV anchor’s audition tape REEL
Two-way device? RADAR
With 21-Across, climb without a rope FREE
Word sung twice after “Que” SERA
Wreath plant LAUREL

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