Universal – Apr 9 2018

Clues Answers
“‘Scuse me?” HUH
“Babble” starter TECHNO
“Bro” relative HOMIE
“Isn’t ___ lovely?” SHE
“It seems to me,” in texts IMHO
“Rough” edition DRAFT
13-stringed instrument KOTO
African country GHANA
Archipelago piece ISLE
Armory holdings AMMO
Aussie hopper WALLAROO
Back payments ARREARS
Bad-hair-day resort HAT
Big name in fuel HESS
Block, legally DEBAR
Bollywood wear DHOTI
Borrower LOANEE
Bright-eyed EAGER
Brooding and frowning DOUR
Certain clubs IRONS
Church word AMEN
Civil War combatant REB
Connection of yore DIALUP
Display Missouri on a map? SHOWSHOWMESTATE
Eavesdropper LISTENER
Engine fuel GAS
Feudal estate FIEF
Firewood quantities STERES
Floral necklace LEI
Flying up the charts HOT
Former French coin SOU
Genetic evidence DNA
Hire people afraid of the sea? LANDLANDLUBBERS
In the past AGO
Inquire ASK
Lazy sort IDLER
Leave little messages? POSTPOSTITNOTES
Clues Answers
Legendary actor Paul NEWMAN
Lessen, as sanctions EASE
Like spoken agreements VERBAL
Links score PAR
List of printed mistakes ERRATA
Luxurious getaway SPA
Marsh plant CATTAIL
Messy ones SLOBS
More frequent OFTENER
Muffin material OAT
Musical Yoko ONO
Opinion survey POLL
Part of a film SCENE
Pizza-crust choice THIN
Plates at an altar PATENS
Prefix meaning “one-tenth” DECI
Rank 1-to-10 RATE
React to horror GASP
Ready paint STIR
Saloon receptacle SPITTOON
Salt Lake City co-ed UTE
Simple rafts TUBES
Soon-to-be alums SRS
Spreadsheet feature ROW
Stuck up sort SNOB
Subject to debate MOOT
Take over, as a market CORNER
They’re bigger than 45s LPS
Thing for boring ones AUGER
Thousands of slang GEES
Travel document VISA
Trials TESTS
Trip for the big-headed EGO
Type of billing STAR
Type of bowl or bar SALAD
Unlawful firing? ARSON
Work for forgiveness ATONE
Wrapped with string TWINED

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