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Universal – April 12 2019

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Clues Answers
“Language” in which the starred answers make sense phonetically PIGLATIN
“Octopuses have three hearts,” e.g FACT
“___ seen worse” IVE
*Fit for a king EAGLERAY
*Scarcity EARTHDAY
*Want to know UNDERWAY
1492 ship NINA
1999 currency debut EURO
Accompany to an event ESCORT
Appliance for boiling water STOVE
At a distance AFAR
Bold poker players RAISERS
Caramel topper SEASALT
Chest wood CEDAR
Cochlea’s organ EAR
Common sleep problem APNEA
Copycat APER
Coquettish COY
Cordelia’s word of lament ALACK
Corrosive stuff ACID
Crowded DENSE
Danishes and others PASTRIES
Finance deg MBA
Foot bones TARSI
Freudian subjects EGOS
Gave a score to RATED
Immoral Goethe character FAUST
Indian social class CASTE
Intro to history or science? PRE
It shuts people up PRISON
Kinds of jargon CANTS
Large amount BOATLOAD
Letter in most plurals ESS
Lewis Carroll heroine ALICE
Llama cousin ALPACA
Lock of hair TRESS
Look shocked GAPE
Major with the Big Dipper URSA
Medusa’s victims turned to it STONE
Milky gem OPAL
Money on hand PETTYCASH
Mythical giant TITAN
Not yet broadcast UNAIRED
Ocean transport LINER
Once more ANEW
Online publication EZINE
Phanerozoic, for one EON
Pretentiously creative ARTY
Protect with an invention? LIEFOR
Queens of the savanna LIONESSES
Quirky jerks TICS
Reflex hammer target KNEE
Risque EDGY
Scottish misses LASSES
Servant’s uniform LIVERY
Setting in balance POISING
Speed Wagon maker REO
Squirrel’s climbing place TREE
State of rest REPOSE
Striped candy shape CANE
Tranquil PLACID
Tuna containers CANS
Understand REALIZE
Upward climb ASCENT
What’s left on a ship? PORT
Whimper MEWL
Wilson of “The Internship” OWEN
Without damage INTACT
Word-for-word LITERAL
Yale or Harvard IVY
___ port in a storm ANY
___-Cola COCA