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Universal – Aug 1 2022 Crossword Answers

Published in Universal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Alternatively …” IFNOT
“Gross!” EWW
“I’m cold!” BRR
“Mine!” DIBS
“Riverdale” star Reinhart LILI
’60s psychedelic LSD
2004-’12 TV M.D. whose surname is a type of residence DRHOUSE
2013 Spike Lee film OLDBOY
Adorable sort CUTIE
Adores something LOVESIT
Adriatic and Aegean SEAS
Asset for a marathoner STAMINA
Author PEN
Be up to the task CUTIT
Before a judge ONTRIAL
Big name in speakers BOSE
Campaign that’s hard to ignore ADBLITZ
Carpool lane initials HOV
Central American country whose official language is English BELIZE
Certain bayou dwellers CREOLES
Chilling, like champagne ONICE
Chinese dumpling WONTON
Congresswoman Bush of Missouri CORI
Considered to be SEENAS
Cooking fat LARD
Corn holder COB
Corporate $$$ VIPs CFOS
Delivery at a postseason game? PLAYOFFBIRTH
Evaluations of an ocean fishing spot? PIERREVIEWS
Fellows MEN
Fusion genre that’s angsty and mainstream EMOPOP
Inflammation reducer STEROID
Jason Bateman series set in Missouri OZARK
Just going through the motions, perhaps ROBOTIC
Like Peru’s mountains ANDEAN
Like some whiskey barrels OAKEN
Many a flat-screen set HDTV
Movement between yoga poses VINYASA
Museum contents ART
Name hidden in “civil engineer” LEN
Not their OUR
Not us THEM
Offering in a deli or a bar RYE
Office address abbr STE
One may be “bottomless” at brunch MIMOSA
Ornate architectural band’s border? FRIEZEFRAME
Overhead ABOVE
Penn State rival OSU
Piece of pie SLICE
Pod item PEA
Pretend to be popular ACTCOOL
Reaction to poison ivy RASH
Really digging INTO
Religious belief CREED
Rum brand BACARDI
Sculptor’s work STATUE
Seasoning on a deviled egg PAPRIKA
Site initially called AuctionWeb EBAY
Some streaming devices PCS
Suffix for “concert” INA
Summer hrs DST
Sushi fish AHITUNA
Terrible note in a scale? DESPICABLEMI
Text msg SMS
Tom, Dick and Harry, for one TRIO
Tongue-lashings EARFULS
Trip to buy brewskis BEERRUN
Utensil with tines FORK
Vessel with a spigot URN
Where to find Ore USA
Wild Draw Four or Skip UNOCARD
Year-end formal PROM
You might wait for the other one to drop SHOE
___-turvy TOPSY