Universal – Aug 10 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Keep on keeping on”? ASYOUWERESAYING
“Let us pray”? SERVICELINE
“Moon Knight” actor Oscar ISAAC
“See ya!” BYE
“To infinity and beyond”? BUZZWORDS
“What goes around comes around”? CIRCULARSAW
“Whole ___ Love” (Led Zeppelin hit) LOTTA
1983 title role for Barbra Streisand YENTL
3.7, e.g., for a student GPA
AARP members: Abbr SRS
Actress Skye IONE
Apply sunscreen, say RUB
Become accustomed (to) INURE
Being broadcast ONAIR
Big snake ANACONDA
Bronte heroine Jane EYRE
Caesar’s question to Brutus ETTU
Cannabis strain SATIVA
Capital of Spain MADRID
Chapter in history ERA
Chitchat GAB
Close-knit group CADRE
Coin collector? METER
Comedian’s booking GIG
Crystal ball user GAZER
Cub Scout groups DENS
Dashed RAN
Delivery from Santa TOY
DJ’s nighttime workplace CLUB
Duck’s woodwind in “Peter and the Wolf” OBOE
Farm towers SILOS
Flubs ERRS
Follow-up movie SEQUEL
Founded: Abbr ESTD
Fully committed to a pot ALLIN
Future fern SPORE
Garlicky mayonnaise AIOLI
Gold reward from a teacher STAR
Halloween exclamation BOO
How two hearts might beat ASONE
HS exams SATS
Indignation IRE
Jeopardy PERIL
Kind of leaf on the Canadian flag MAPLE
Like most horror movies RRATED
Lobster shack garment BIB
M.D. who hosted “Celebrity Rehab” DRDREW
Mast attachment SAIL
Metaphorical massage target EGO
Midweek abbr WED
Military press muscle, briefly DELT
Mongolian warrior hidden in “sergeant at arms” TATAR
Name within “hotelier” ELIE
Nickname that may drop “Valen” TINO
P.E. class GYM
Pathetic SAD
Play for a fool USE
Policy overseer CZAR
Ponzi scheme, e.g SCAM
Reindeer, by another name CARIBOU
Requirement NEED
Ring-shaped island ATOLL
Rowers hold them OARS
Shows disapproval SCOWLS
Songwriter Yoko ONO
Stadium seating level TIER
Tiny legume from Green Giant PEA
Topics for blues songs TROUBLES
U-turn from WNW ESE
With skill ABLY
Word before “life” or “estate” REAL
___ Fargo WELLS
___ to the Classic Potato Chip (Trader Joe’s product) ODE
___ your way to the top CLAW

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